The rookie runs to Sacques — Barkley spent for more than half of the time, although uniform is in the body, but he does not wear equipment. After that, Barley left the venue and conversed with the trainer.

For those fans who like to pay attention to the four-dimensional performance, this playoffs may be difficult to make people excited. If the Cook is, he will face the Texas people who have a poor Texas in the season, BROCK Osweiler.

In the third round of 2009, Weber was the first corner of five seasons. He changed the security guard last season, ranked fourth in 73 times, and he also got 1 copy and 5 times destroyed. Professional football focused on him as a high security guard in the last season.

Jefferson put a lot of color in the passed ball offensive system of Louisiana State University, completed 111 battles, pushed 1540 yards, reached 18 times, and won the national college champion. Although there is a good physical, speed, and the ability to promote the ability, it is still a small challenge to Dides.

Each team’s coach will seem to «compete» talks about the word. However, when asked specifically to his competitive plans include Wentz and Hertz competition starting quarterback position, Xiliyani given a positive answer.

The two teams of the squad attack and defensive groups have the possibility of playing excellent performance, which may be the winner of this game. The raiders will face unprecedented challenges, they have to make a four-dimensional guardian game plan for a first first starting at the season.

According to NFL official website, Ian RapoPort reported that Auckland raids are expected to make rookie four-point Guonner-Cook (CONNOR COOK) first in the playoffs against Houston Texas. The team No. 2 quartz, Matt McGloin, is not ready to appear in the regular season of Denver’s wild horse. Cook 21 times in the game in the competition 14 times successfully acquired 150 yards 1 time to 1 time passed, and McGlo was successfully obtained 6 times six times. Derek Carr is fractured in the legs in the race of the Indianapolis hippi.

This year, there are seven non-large four players under Salan announced that they are the most during the University of Alabama. However, Sarban Saturday said those who have reduced the opportunity to get a big contract in the low-time and even selected players, which is equivalent to helping NFL team saving money.

«One of the core values ​​of is the competition,» Xiliyani said. «Everywhere will compete with everyone and I will compete (offensive coordinator) Sean. (- Shi Taixing) (Shane Steichen) to compete on some of the things we will compete in the team competition and the other coaches are us. It will be the core value of each position in the array of the Philadelphia Eagles uphold. «

«When people make sense to decide, they will suffer some really difficult consequences in the future. Because you don’t have to participate in the draft in advance. You can stay in school to continue playing. We have 6, 7 only two rounds or three The player of the river is eventually selected in the first 15 or the first round is selected and earned a lot of money, so there are some good examples that are not in advance, «

Hawks coach Xiliyani: starting quarterback position will competePhiladelphia Eagles chose Nick — Xiliyani (Nick Sirianni) as part of the reason is that the new coach hopes he can help quarterback Carson — Wentz (Carson Wentz) out of trouble. And one of countermeasures Xiliyani is to enhance the level of competition at the quarterback position.

We return to training a long period of time from the players. Before the official start of two quarterback competition, we still have a lot of time waiting for the new Eagles quarterback position changes occur.

Nick Sarban: University players participate in the draft in the election is not a good thing.Beijing April 7th, the University of Alabama, Nick Saban, believes that in addition to the top players, the university player participated in the NFL draft in the NFL draft.

«So, the broker made money, the team was profitable, this player had to take 3 years such salaries. Everyone is talking, & lsquo; then won the next contract. & Rsquo;, obviously these players have 50% will never get a second contract. This does not mean that other people will get the next contract. «

Last year, Safe Sannie Harrison is the only Alabama player in the third round. He started 8 games for Jacksonville American Tiger, and he won 32 times, 1 time to copy and kill. Harrison was one of the five non-large four Alabama players announced last year. In addition to running guards — Skabberler is selected in the first round in the seventh round.

«So, cultural, trend, I actually changed the way players exchanged with players,» Sarban said. «I tell each new life, I hope you rationally think, you come to the university to prepare for the days after playing career. I think there are many high school students feel that the university is going to nfl jerseys‘s springboard. Listen, I fully agree to NFL. I completely agree that they have a career. But people must be sensible for the decision about NFL because everything is business. «

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