The salary cap space occupied by Adrian Peterson is the highest alliance, reaching $ 14 million. On the second running, Jamaal Charles, Jamaal Charles, only $ 9.05 million. Therefore, the average annual salary of $ 15 million means that the current top running guards will have a significant increase in widespread salary. Even if Bell has proven to be one of the best alliances, it is still unlikely.

Buffalo Bell officially signed the outside hand HarvinAfter leaching the rumor of Perth Harvin and Buffalo, there is reported that the 49 people in San Francisco are being signed him in the final battle.

Glaham said: «Everyone has a lot of things. There have been a lot of things last season, but these have passed. I know what kind of players I am, and I know that my ability is still. I can run, I will prove Those people misses my ability. «

This back Bill hopes that things can develop in a more positive direction. If this is true, introduce Harvin, Run Helgle, McCay, and close-end Arms (if the Miami dolphins do not match the contract of Bill) Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods, these players have given Bill’s possibility of better offensive firepower.

When the offensive group completed several slightly effective offensive, the defensive party changed the array to the deployment, the entourage finally could change. At this point, the offensive group began to fight. Due to rules, the cover movement made when the offensive front line and the passing of the ball are different. When the squash offens offensive, the front line can be unscrupulous, and the attack front line cannot exceed the kick. How to perform unlimited offensive desires in a limited space table? How to fight against the madness of the opponent crazy on the line against the opposite line? This is dressed in the daily training. In addition, the performance of running guards and Cheap nfl Jerseys quadrants is the climax of the entire tactics. The front offensive front line blocks the defensive group, but there is no defense in front of the side, but the four-point guard will use the body to block the sight of the side. The action, both hands intersect in the abdomen, can’t see if the ball is. Some actuatics four-point guard will also go to the sky, and make a concern of the expression, and the ball has been hidden in the dead angle of the defensive player’s sight and detours to the dangerous area.

The Hawks use them in the second round of the highest draft of the Hawks in the second round in the second round. They hope that he will quickly become the first and enhance the team’s ball shock level. But before the beginning of the summer training camp last year, he encountered a full-top case car accident and therefore suffered from severe brains. He has never warned a defense for the Hawo.

Close-edge Feng Mi-Glaham: It will confirm that people are missing me.Beijing June 3, a year ago, the packaging worker signed a three-year contract with close-end Fengmei-Glaham (Jimmy Graham), and expect him to be a strong weapon for Aaron Rodgers. But the player of this 5 times selected professional bowl is not good last season, and 55 balls will advance 636 yards, only to 2 times.

For the 31-year-old Amcamara, join the raids who need old guards are reasonable. He quickly found that the need for the first round of Damon Arnette competition time. After Amcamara, Anet is expected to be equipped with TRY Von Mullen.

Play Action Chinese Translation is «fake delivery», which is particularly common in all American football games. After the quarter got the ball, they first fake delivery to running guards, running the head of the head, attracting the opponent’s attention. Between the helves of the opponent’s moment, the quadruple runs out of the protective net, and the open area will start to organize attacks. It is difficult to know how to complete the golden shell is not only a simple fake action, but relying on strategy, relying on the details, relying on acting.

It is not surprising that Bell wants to get a contract that reflects its performance. At least, you can regard his latest rag songs as he expressing this hope. Bell, which is a secondary song, including the ray singer, including such a lyrics: «I am the best in the league, even if it is not the closest. I need a $ 15 million contract a year, they know this.»

Harvium is a jet with a six-round sign from Seattle Hawks. It is smaller than the 2013 Hawow to trader him from Minnesota. The Hawks won the super bowl in the 2013 season, but Harvan almost a visitor almost all season, and then only 5 game Haiying traded Harva, and reported that Harwang is difficult to adapt to the sea eagle attack. The group is also a locomotive poison.

Run, there is a short soldier of the attack and defense, and the two sides have difficult to understand difficulties; the four-point guard will not ask, and it is necessary to run only between his thoughts. This is the charm of American football, with nearly 10 people’s disguise to cover up, sacrificing their own tactical implementation. This is not a personal heroism, but a real teamwork.

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