Stere will take over a team that hopes to achieve the expectations. Since the race of lightning is continued to be injured in many seasons, they have suffered a variety of unrestrained, because they are not paying attention to details.

Perhaps the raid at that time believes that the packaging union continued to perform the bottom than the previous season and had a better manifestation in the top ten sectors in the previous four seasons. Such an idea may ignore the excellent players in Mike may have the impact on the bear team, but the raids may not be expected to be so large that the packaging work is so large. Regardless of the raid, the team will have a better record.

In addition, there is a ram coach may follow Steler to Lightning: Kevin O’Donol (Kevin O & # 39; Connell). According to Perry Riro, the ram attack coordinator is considered to be able to join the lightning as the same position. But such a flat-level hopping requires first, the company is licensed by the coach McDo. If Okangnol stays in the ram, then the current offensive coordinator Shaun Steichen may continue to teach.

In the competition, Beckham has worked together with the black Leopard, Josh Norman, and he was punished 4 times in the game, including 3 personal fouls that were unable to day. Beckham is very fortunate. The value of the Value did not expel him in the game. Among the third incidental behavior pointed out, Beckham directly impact Norman’s helmet in the blind side.

Ramseard faced Garobo Pubo at the 16th week of last season, and the game was successfully passed by Caloro 30 times in the competition. 242 yards were successfully obtained 2 times. The code is 1 time. Finally, 49 people defeated the Jagua.

«He has a good potential. I think he will be an excellent player, but from my experience of his array, his performance relies on the offensive system. He did not depend on our own strength. Many of them rely on the offensive system. «

38-year-old Steley was only in the ram for 1 season before gotting a lightning lightning, but in this season, the mid-League defensive group ranked first in the union, passing the ball defense and overall defensive.

Galopolo successfully succeeded last season, the starting rate team got 5 wins and 0 negatives, and the passed 1560 yards were 7 times to reach 5 times passed. 49 people were discounted by his performance, identifying that he would be a team’s four-point guard and signed him a $ 517.5 million contract with him.

However, Ramsea has not yet been impressed by Galopolo’s performance and he believes in the future opponent defensive group to be more fully prepared for Galopolo. «(In 2017) No one found tactics to deal with him,» Ramse said. «There is not much his video.»

Sherman said: «I know that they must miss those days of Jackson is still a great player he is, can create a huge threat now he went to Washington, but he is still so well…» Being asked and when the current Eagles wide receiver lineup, Sherman rating no mercy: «we did not feel any threat.»

The tension between Beckham and Norman has been brewed for a long time before the start of the game, and the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that it is known as the Beckham in the game. The group player Marcus Ball was killed after the latter waving the black panther player, often led by the baseball bat in warm-up. According to reports, Boer used to deliver the ball to Norman, let Bakeham believe that it is threatened. NFL indicates that they also investigate this conflict on Monday.

The packaging workers finally achieved 6 wins and 9 losses 1 flat record, picking up in the 12th champion of this year. The bear team won the National Lianbei District Championship with 12 wins and 4, and the raids were selected for this year’s draft.

Package President: Suggested Site Once I worked hard to chase the rushing hand Karier MikeBeijing July 20, although the old words said that we couldn’t change history, we still couldn’t help think if something will change for the future for anything.

«In yesterday, your behavior has many times in the game players in the game players in the game, and obviously does not mean that the player should have high standards in sports morality.» This is said in such a letter to Beckham.

Sherman: Eagles certainly miss DeShawn Jackson -This week the Seattle Seahawks in a strong dialogue to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-14. Star cornerback Richard — Sherman (Richard Sherman) in an interview after the game expressed their views on other issues of wide receiver. He said the Eagles must miss DeShawn — Jackson (DeSean Jackson).

The coach Tom Cough, Sunday, said he once «strongly considered» to make Baker Ham in the bench, but he is defending Beckham on Monday, saying that it will not tolerate him. Behavior, but will defend his personal quality.

Match, Jeremy — McLean (Jeremy Maclin), Riley — Cooper (Riley Cooper) and Jordan — Matthews (Jordan Matthews) together contribute only 57 yards. Eagles coach Chip — Kelly (Chip Kelly) also admitted after the game, the Seahawks have the strongest league guard combination angle. Despite the poor performance in this field, but we still can not deny the outstanding performance of the Eagles this season in the passing attack. Especially in terms of long pass, the Eagles currently completed more than 20 yards passing 52 times, more than a second in the league. In terms of more than 40 yards passing, they finished 10 times in the league this number 6.

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