Rams win key: «cunning,» the SWAT teamThis week the St. Louis Rams Seattle Seahawks can beat strong, the key is wonderful to play special teams. Rams with a few very «cunning» deceptive tactics to help the team get out eventually.

Brown currently has no right to rank, steel people want to overcome them. It is not difficult. But the same situation also happens in Bill, whether they can go all possible to be a big look at the last week.

Confused Houston Texas people, four-guards still have not been resolved. Due to the first four-point Wei Tem-Savich, the Texas had to send a rookie four-point guards Shaun Watson, although the performance is still not very bright, the Texas people will remind For a season, Hoyel Malet, I hope that Watson can bring surprises to fans in the next game, leading Texas to go on the right track. JJ-Watt’s return is a very good news for Texas and Texas fans, hoping that J.J. can remain healthy, let us re-see the defensive beasts that are desirable in the court.

In the face of the Seahawks, it is hard to imagine the team can pick punt return 90 yards a touchdown. In fact, the game Costa Goldman — Bailey (Stedman Bailey) of that back offensive touchdowns, the second longest distance on the Seahawks history is punt return touchdowns. In 1987, the New York Jets have been abandoned to complete a 91 yards in the game and kick back in the Seahawks offensive touchdowns. This is the second consecutive season the Rams completed more than 90 yards a punt return touchdowns, the last time the opponent is the Indianapolis Colts, when the distance is 98 yards.

In this regard, Patters is also very confused: «I hope I can know the answer, I hope to participate more in the team attack but I don’t know what the situation is now. The coach formulates the plan, I can only Unconditional observance. I believe in Norv Turner and the whole coach team, but I also hope to have more chances of catching. «

This season, Patrien only 15 times, only two times more than the last two games last two games, and in addition to the first week, the 102 yards were taken, the remaining three games There is only one negative 7 yard’s punch. Viking’s offensive coordinator Turner did not increase the most talented player’s offensive proportion in this team as in the season.

Tomlin: Need to rebound, win the last gamePittsburgh Steelman lost the initiative of the hiking playoffs after the Moususus in Baltimore, and they need to wait in the last week to wait for the miracle. Because New York jets defeated the new England patriot, the steel man needs to win clinklan Brown at the last week, and expect jets to be in Buffalo.

Steelman’s head coach Mike Tomlin asked whether to contact Bill coach Rex Ryan («I asked Rex as my friend, but I don’t have this week. Will call him. «Tomin also looked at the things that have occurred in the past week and the next week:» We need to get rid of the dilemma of the past week, we need to rebound, like a team who competes for the championship. Forget the last week, win the next game. «

It was said that he was very patient. He said: «The team is now practicing how to make me more catching, I think the team is waiting for a suitable opportunity. I don’t worry about it, as long as it is The coach calls me, I will go all out. «

Regular Tournament Second Week, Tuesday, Texas @ 虎 prospectThe second week of regular season started the team, the first week of defeated team, the first week of the unsealed tiger will continue to take the home Paul-Brown Stadium to meet the first Way of blood washed. Texas. The two teams have worked in four consecutive seasons, and in the 9 times of the two teams in the past, Texas people 5 wins and 4 losses a little more advantage. In the last time two teams, wholesale jerseys Texas people won tiger with running DVD-Bruce, 24-yard running ball reached 24 yards.

In the first quarter, the Rams running back Byrne — Cunningham (Benny Cunningham) has completed a kickoff back 71 yards in the first attack. It is also the long distance back to the attack, followed by a touchdown to help the Rams. Seahawks last season, only allowed opponents to complete more than 70 yards back to the offensive once. After 2010, the field has never been a single case is back to attack the opponent multiple times for more than 70 yards. For the Rams, the kickoff back 71 yards the attack, but also a new high since 2010 after.

Last week, Sincona Tiger, which was optimistic by a brick home, was attached to the Palm Crow of the Palmus Crow in the same district at home. And the main four-point Wei Di-Dalton played extremely poor and contributed 4 cases for the crow defensive group. The main entry of the AJ-Green can complete the score of 950+ code numbers in the first six seasons of their careers, which is better to take over the legendary — Moss. And the defensive group generals defensive truncation Nino-Atkins completed 1 time in last week, since 2010 has completed 53 kills, all of the NFL all defensive cut off first.

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