After the best rookie lineup in 2014, Mason was considered to be one of the core players of the ram offensive group. After adding Todd Gurley, Mason’s role in the team decreased, he was only 75 times in the season, and each time the rush was only disappointing 2.8 yards.

JJ Watt released personal brand new product trademarkHouston Dezhou’s defensive line star player JJ Watt (J.Watt) recently has its own new product identity, it is reported that the logo will be used in his Reebok product series, named «Hunt Greatness».

As part of the confession agreement, Keio was sentenced to a year and his driver’s license was revoked 180 days. In addition, he was fined $ 952.5 and asked to speech at eight high schools. He is also asked to follow all NFL requirements for drug abuse regulations.

Mason was arrested by the police in March and accused of drugs and violations of traffic regulations. He has five times in the past four months. Fisher admitted to the ram in June, «Before you prepare True, you won’t appear here.»

Watt evaluates your own new logo: «I have been dreaming with my own experience to create some great things, which can help people play themselves better in training, this is this logo allows me to do, when you You will be affected when using this logo. «

The 28-year-old Kah is a hobby safety guard. Last season, the team starts 4 games, and he has served as a substitute and special group player. After the influence of the wild horse second-line defense in the United States, the Kah’s role increased, it took 3 clams. He also grabbed the ball to ensure the team won the ball after the new England Patriots gambling.

At the beginning of Watt’s period, the team’s near-end pertrove, and later transferred to the University of Wisconsin and started to change the defensive line, now he is already the winner of the 3rd Alliance’s best defensive player.

In recent years, General Manager of Crows, Ozzie Newsome, is praised because of its choice of players. But in selecting this total number 56, the player who selected the 56th position was only 17 months, which could be considered him. We look forward to how much returns will be rewarded after the crow will be traded in a young player who has no position in the lineup.

In addition, for the Nordan Love, the Utah State University, who has already received attention, said that he is a «real unknown number» this year, he may be in the fifth sho. Any position between the bits is selected.

Crow tries to transaction last year two-wheeled showThe Baltimo Crow has placed the 2013 Two-wheeled Arthur Brown in the trading list. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport local time on Tuesday, according to the informed person, the crow is willing to trade this land guard. But they have not negotiated with any team.

Rapoport also said University of Georgia quarterback Jack — Fromm (Jake Fromm) and the team after the interview «market prices» and by the quarterbacks coach who «love.» Flom did not be included in his list in Jerrya.

cheap nfl jerseys from china TV network elevation expert Daniel Jeremiah will raise Herz to 50th in the best 50 players this year. In the 3 seasons of Alabama, Herz has gone 9477 yards for the 1 season of the University of Oklahoma, and the transfer rate of passing the ball reached 65.1%. The ball was copied, and the ball was also held in the 3274 yard 43 times.

The packaging workers have been considering picking a quarter-saving and letting him take a few years later. Herd has excellent skills, but he can learn how to read the opponent’s defense for a few years. Packaging union gives him the opportunity.

Brown has clearly lost trust in the crow coach group. This pre-Kansas State University star player lost in the first position in the competition in the first position in the competition this summer, C. J. Mosley, and did not debut in the game of Cincinnati. According to the data of Profootball Focus Network (Profootball Focus), Brown played 14 games in the rookie season, but only 211 defensive defensive. He won 15 times a year, 0.5 times and kill and once forced the ball.

Lightning is likely to pick a quadrant in the early days of the draft, but if the turn is there without a person in the 6th time, it has no heart to choose, then Tyrod Taylor is used as a transitional quartzworthy. May wait until the mid-section and then select the four-point guard in the future.

The court is the home of the England British football national team. It is reported that the program includes a game of NFL regular competitions at the Twicknam Stadium at the Twownam Stadium in the Tterknam Stadium.

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