This is a quite a good contract for a quarter-off guard who has never been out of the stage last season. In the early days of the 2014 season, Henney served as a worse, but he was a stable old will be replaced. It is reported that his relationship with Botos is very good.

There is still 2 weeks left in the regular season, the only fans don’t need to worry about Vlaco also takes time to adapt to the offensive system. But if he can generate chemical reactions with Jeremy Maclin Maclin (Jeremy Maclin) or not.

Recently, the team’s head coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) said that people were tired about when Frach was able to return, he told Media reporters: «I don’t want to answer the same problem every time. He will be ready The first week of the game, I assured the game, I assured. «

Yes, it can be a professional quarter-saving. In the 2014 season, he signed a 2-year 4 million US dollars, and the new contract is doubled than the old contract. This article should praise the excellent work of Henni, but now we have written here, we want to change the topics late.

Signation Summary: Giants signed off-attack cut off MikeBeijing May 12, US time Saturday afternoon, according to the offensive front line Mike Remmers broker, the giant has signed a year with this player for a year.

The American Tiger announced that the Supreme Swannen, CHAD HENNE, was signed with the team on Thursday. NFL official website reporter Rand-Gatelin reported that this contract value is 8 million US dollars and includes bonuses associated with the play time.

Before Rosmus had called in Viking and the Black Panther, it has also been effective for pirates, lightning and ram. He hit the left and right, most of the left front, but he will return to the right of the right trip at the giant. Last season, Raymus gave a 16 game for Viking.

Like Paoc-Manning, excellent pass, obviously impossible to have only one stable ball. In the pony period, Manning another major passed object was a Raygun Wayne. Wayne’s most terrible performance is in the playoffs. Whenever it is in a critical moment, Wayne always helps Manning’s best weapons to solve problems. Up to now, Wayne’s career has completed 92 battles in the playoffs. This data is second in the second place of NFL history, only 151 times of Jerry Less.

In addition to this is a great gift, Bris’s message is also very deep. This is Brisked recently admitted that he has been adjacent to the end of the most important athlete from New Orleans. Some people in social media have said Brisers can pass the relay stick to Willianson, but Bris is so significant.

Bristed plans to stay in Sainted a few years? His contract will expire after the end of the 2019 season. He may end in the season, but it seems that he and the saints have been prepared for him to leave the team.

When Landy Moss was abandoned by Minnesota, the patriot picked this treasure. Even if Moss does have some personality issues, this is still not a great choice. The combination of Braddy and Moss is unstoppable. Under the two people work, the Patriot team has played an unbeaten season in 2007. The only unfortunate thing is that they lost to the New York Giants in the super bowl.

For our young fans, Eunas’s era seems to have a considerable distance. Berry is 9275 yards in the total number of careers, and most of them come from the pass of Eunas. According to legend, two of them are the highest combination of NFL alliances.

Randy Moss is not the only pass target of Braddy. In the past decade, Wilke is the most stable ball in the alliance. His combination with Braddy has also created a good story. Although Wilke has transferred Braddy’s «Enemy» Pedon Manning, they have each other & hellip; & hellip; of course, after the 2012 super bowl, the ball is rushing, and it is also two people cooperation. A rare failure.

NFL historical top ten «quad-saving-external junction» combinationIt is well known that the American football game is the most closely related to the four-point guard is their pass object & mdash; & mdash; As the saying goes, good horses are equipped with the saddle. A excellent quarter-saving can drive the growth of external connections under his hand. In turn, an outstanding external connection can also enhance the quadrant to a new level. This is like combined inside and outside the basketball, the front lines in the football, their existence, let a team are invincible; their existence, there are countless managers. In the history of NFL, such a combination is not uncommon, not an enumeration. Today we will take a look at those combinations of «quartz-external jewers» in NFL.

Fat’s external hand list has the name of top-level, if Sterling Sharpe has ended his career due to injury, there is no location on this list. But the truth is that he is indeed Ffver’s most important pass target, and it has also achieved good results.

When Pedon-Manning, Malvin-Williams entered the same rhythm, they were absolutely unmanned in the alliance. It can be said that the passage of Manning to Harrison is a guarantee for a victory in the Indianapolis population. During the two partners, the pony won a super bowl. The pony offense is the most terrible thing, there is no team dare to make the Malvin-Harrison clamps, because Manning also has a stable pass target & mdash; & mdash; Leji-Wien.

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