49 people had already reached the upper limit of 90 people, but the retirement of Jarryd Hayne was allowed to make the team a position. At the age of 25, Castellins last season represents 49 people on behalf of 9 games, and 16 shots won the 38 yards, and he has been in the 49-person sparring lineup in the 2014 season.

«I do not know if he could finish college to the professional arena of excessive,» Dansby told reporters Monday. «This kind of ability in his own body. He had to look in the mirror and do own such a transition. I only brought him the door but could not help him practice.» At the end of the season, criticism appears to be about to enter the break in Dansby a public attempt to give Gilbert pressure on the shoulders of some of the burden during the Games period. Perhaps Dansby think this is the best way to motivate him.

The team this year, the eighth overall pick in the draft of players this season, played in 14 games, starting only two games, playing time is less than 400 files. He made 1 steals in depth on the roster has been four beautiful cornerback Pierre — De Xier (Pierre Desir) exceeded. This veteran linebacker Carlos — not good enough Dansby (Karlos Dansby) eyes.

49 people and running guards Gaskins for about two years

San Francisco 49 people announced in the local time on Monday to KenDall Gaskins for two years, so that the total number of teams has reached the upper limit of 90 people. Gaskins were cut off by 49 people last month, because the team signed 12 new show, in order to give these outcomes, there is a temporary and cut him.

Zuo knee knee inside the torn torn and the inside of the knee received all the medical examination on Friday, he said he would accept it again three weeks before the first day of April. On Friday, I walked carefully when I took an interview, but I didn’t need to turn.

Smith is recovering from a serious knee injury. He injured in a bowl of January 1, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople, based on the information about the infonety of Smith in NFL physical examination, said report His injuries include ankle and knees of nerve injury. The result is whether the team suspects that Smith can complete NFL first show in 2017.

He didn’t joking. Although Cyverian Jankins has a good body and wholesale jerseys exercise ability, this is arrested is a last straw that is crushing him. He has always contributed very little to the team and many farcers.

Vinton has played in the steel man with the bear team, and there was a race of the old eagle because the leg tenet was hurt. In the last preseason, he participated in 16-speed attack, and was taken as a pass target, but did not complete the ball. When he was in the bear last season, he played 11 games, only completed three battles and advanced 51 yards.

Brown criticized the team veteran defensive group first-round pick cornerback

Cleveland Browns defensive veteran group of rookie cornerback Justin think — Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) need to make progress.

Sign back from the side indicates that Mack Hollins’s groin injury still needs to recover for a while. The old eagle coach Doug-Peterson said on Tuesday that Hollins will not play on Thursday, but the injury has nothing to do with his sports hernia accepted in the lift season.

From the point of view of potential, there are not many cornerback Gilbert has the ability, he can immediately improve Brown’s second-line defense. The team is now ranked seventh in terms of anti-pass (opponents averaged 220.1 yards passing), If you could get a close cornerback contributions, their ranking will rise.

The team officially announced that the extension of the weekend is cut off Markus Wheaton. In order to take a space, the team will be near the end of Richard Rodgers into the injury reserve list. The eagle allows two players to return from the injury reserves list.

Klebern’s performance has climbed 8 times, and it also won the $ 750,000 of the contractual terms. Of course, all of this is that he needs to stay in the team before the end of the season. 53 people list.

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