Play color draft pick Ke Laoni continue dazzling performanceHouston Texans might be glad that no one is willing to pay the original chips to be exchanged later when Wayne draft pick to Jed — Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney) No. 1 pick.

«I feel 100% satisfaction. I think they don’t have problems,» Sherman said. «Last year, the defense is not the main problem. We lost some competitions in the second half of the season, and they were lost in the last time. This is not that kind of & lsquo; oh, God, second-line defensive whole game It was exploded, this is the reason for our losing & rsquo; the question is only in that the players are not mature enough, they will make mistakes, can’t complete the defensive tactics. I don’t know how to complete the defensive action. «

The injury also has an impact on the defense of 49 people. Can serve as a gimmie Ward and Security Adrian, Jimmie Ward and Safety, Adrian Colbert, are reimbursed by injuries. In addition, Sherman returned to the stadium after suffering from the tendon. In the new season, the 49-person defense of 49 people should be able to dedicate stability.

First, when the Falcons run tactics using fake fax (draw), he unobstructed from the outside toward the Falcon field, the quarterback had just been handed the ball in the hands of running back Anthony — Smith (Antone Smith) put down to the ground. (Offensive Coordinator reminded them: If you can not stop Kelao Ni, do not use fake fax running attack).

Carol said: «I feel that his situation is very good.» According to the NFL official website reporter, Lin Qi returned training means he has resumed health. The 5th occupational bowl running guard will be considered a key ring in the Golden Season. Their goal is naturally a superb bowl again.

National audience for the first time noted that this year’s draft draft pick Kelao Ni is the first day of the 2013 season, he was almost a University of Michigan running back of the head deceives down. Last week, he finished in the backcourt Cardinals a similar defense (except Cardinals running back did not fly out of the helmet). This is the Texans preseason opener is the only bright spot.

In the past three games, the Hawks have a 2 game score for no more than 13 points. From the data, the quasell Wilson is still excellent, and the ball is passed on 258.5 yards. It has achieved 29 times. Only 5 passes have been copied, and the quarterfielding points reached 107.3. . But in the past six games he was killed 25 times, including the game of Arizona’s red rheina, he was killed 5 times. Although the performance of the 49-person defense group has declined in the upper half season, it is still a terrible opponent. Can the Hawks off-attack group help the team win?

Carol: Lynch may play against the Beijing-TianjinLocal time Monday, Seattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll announced that MARSHAW LYNCH has been prepared in this week. The beast run will return to the game after absent 2 months. Carol also said that the team still needs to make a final decision through observing Linqi’s training.

look at more info the defensive end, 49 people reinforced the ball shock in this year’s break. Therefore, whether the defensive group can have better performance in the 2019 season, but there is reason to be optimistic.

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Corner Wei Delman is confident to 49 people second line defenseBeijing May 9th, San Francisco 49 people have a data in anti-transmission last season, and their fields have made the opponent’s passing 233.2 yards, ranked 11th in the Alliance.

[Pre-match to make a lottery] Seventeenth Week, Sunday Night: 49 people VS HawksThe last Sunday Night Tournament this season is coming soon, and the Civil War of the 49 people in Seattle Hawks and San Francisco is not a focus. 49 people need victory to ensure the partition champion and the State of the country, while the Hawks also need victory to win the championship and enhance the sequence of seasons. Since the Hawks have enabled the current home in 2002, the 49-person guest warriors have only wins only 4 victories, and the last win is still in 2011, and the 11 consecutive game score is less than 20.49 people. 4 points 卫米 加Is the Jimmy Garoppolo contribute to a different result? Al or the Hawk will continue the standard of 49 people in the home court, and the enemy of the partition rushed to No. 5?

McDaniele, who has worked with Tom Brady, has now got a chance to guide Andrew Luck. The entire 2017 season is absent from the shoulder injury. Although the super bowl is lost, the data of the patriot offensive group is not ugly, and Tom Braddy has passed 500 yards of 3 to 3 to 3 to the 3drive, and has not been copied.

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