Chuck Pagano gave it its own point of view: «The Nicks’ data may not be so good, but he has been doing very well after coming to the team. He is very serious, always work This Nixiks will face the old east of the east in Monday Night. When asked if the game would have special meaning, Nicks did not hesitate: «Of course. If the opportunity is coming, I will go all out.» However, the problem is that with Wayne’s return and Monkliv’s shining, Knicks has gradually become a team of the team.

Fitzgerald’s performance is far from good, and he has a pass in the game being copied. The second pass is called by the opponent foul, but he can lead the team when needed. . This is enough for the bad pirates.

Fitz Patrick led the pirate 15-10 in the game competition, and he won 187 yards 1 time in the game. The original first quartz Wei Jie Misis Winston has not entered the list of appearances due to shoulder injury.

The lower plate is calm and the lower limbs is sufficient, enough to effectively cover the clamping. Footsteps in the inner edge players belong to the elite level. The arm is sufficient, and the hand confrontation is extremely aggressive. Can adjust the running guards through the reading offensive backports and timely adjustments. Excellent in bangs. With NFL standards, there is no tonnage with a full defensive inner line. The opponents during the university are insufficient, and the test will be encountered when faced with the career. The ability of the second impact is only on the average level after the next wind is in the first contact.

«You also know me, I have been answering these questions in the past three years, Cheap Jerseys I will never change. I will never say: & lsquo; this is my last day. I am really excited, come and give me a grand celebration. & rsquo; These sentences will never say from my mouth. «

Knick is looking forward to facing the old man in the old land.Hakeem Nicks has never been able to satisfy the team and fans after joining Indianapolis pony. Upper Zhou was injured in Reggie Wayne, Knicks won the opportunity to start. As a result, the front New York giant star took over the excellent performance.

Since the 14 games, Fitzgerad has only a game to catch a hundred yards. At present, it has completed 59 battles, and the 645 yards are promoted, reaching 5 times. It is lowered by the passing of 92 times.

Real all-round player. Super motion capability and counter-resistance. The ball is instantly responding quickly. It can quickly get rid of the entanglement of the offensive front line. I know how to use explosive force to implement a fierce impact or hit the offense front line. It is possible to quickly kill and find the ideal interception point from the human pile, and never regain your physical strength to continue to chase the players. As the line guards are not ideal, lower limbs are more like running. There is a huge habit of focusing, showing more enthusiastic impact rather than solid hugs & mdash; & mdash; this is not necessarily able to have a big line in the professional league. There is a history of torn tearing in half months.

Larry Fitzgerad: Don’t intend to make retirement too grandBeijing December 22nd, the red scitch will usher in this week’s last home competition, which is also like Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) career the last home battle. But the player of this 11-selection professional bowl has not yet decided to go.

«I think we must have to let go of some hands and feet,» Tuskiski said. «As for maintaining the radical style, I like to attack in the four gears. This is just a kind of mentality, but I think, more importantly, we have to get more in the Red Area.»

In the game competition that is lost in Green Bay packaging workers, the bear tried six four-speed attack 5 times, and they continued to continue the offensive consumption, limit the opportunity of the package of the package. However, they were blocked again in the Red Area again (5 times into the red area to get 1 time), resulting in the final defeat.

During the first to third cycles, Tubski had averaged 2.6 seconds per pass, an average of 2.6 yards per time, and the proportion of the opponent was taken. 22.6%. During the 12th to 17th week, Turbuski fell to 2.56 seconds, with an average of 7.0 yards per pass, and the average passed the ball opened 3.4 yard space, subject to The proportion of the opponent decreased by 14.0%.

During last week, Knick became a pass target 6 times, but he only completed 1 time, and he won 27 yards. New Xiu Dente-Monte Moncrief 7 times a 113 yard with 1 time, 3 data set a new career. Local time Wednesday, Nicks said in an interview that he feels good. This makes us not help to ask: He is very healthy, his partner is the best young quarter-off in the alliance, then why do he perform such a downturn?

In the absence of Foster, Texas can only rely on DEANDRE HOPKINS to become their only offensive player who can change the game. The Dezhou offensive group has a vulnerability in many positions, not to say that the four-guard position is a huge flaw, so Foster’s lack will be difficult to make up. Although Foster can only rush out of 2.6 yards in 4 times in this season, his substitutes & mdash; & mdash; Alfred Blo (Alfred Blu) and Chris Port (Chris) POLK) & mdash; & mdash; Can’t stabilize the shock offense in replacing him.

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