This season is the first time since the 2008 season, the Patriots have not made — Tom Brady served (Tom Brady) starting quarterback, but also the first time since the 1999 season, Brady is not in the array. In Kanmu — after Newton (Cam Newton) as the new starting quarterback, the Patriots start well, get 2 wins and 1, but starting from the beginning of October was 4-game losing streak. Lack of good players never get back the state of the offensive group, while the defense group is no longer as dominant as last season. Patriots thus gradually lost their playoff hopes.

Mike Zimmer said the team intends to renew most assistant coaches to the end of the 2016 season. Among them, the assistant coach Drew Petzing will replace the preparatory coach of Kansas University, CLINT Kubiak. It is reported that only one assistant coach hopes to sign a contract, but the same as other teams, Viking usually renewed in the contract of a coach.

Jordan asked: «Is there a better quadrant? You told me how many passes in the history of cheap nfl jerseys from China more than 5,000 yards.» A total of nine four-guards in the history of NFL reached this achievement season. Bristed 5 of them.

Viking will maintain a relatively stable coach teamAs the NFL is coming soon, the teams will be launched in the next season, and the new coaching group has become the first task, but different teams, the Minnesota Viking team rarely appeared Recent news, because they don’t want to make changes to the coaching group.

«We are building a team that won the super bowl of champion,» New Orleans Saint-Defense Demond Melon — Jordan «said. «We are not to build a team for the future. It is difficult to believe our team. We are ready to win the championship now.»

Marino also said that there is still a big difference now. Now many teams need to pass the route needed by the team without adjusting the ball, so this is why he thinks there is no need to check before the game. The reason for the game with the ball.

Since the team did not announce the contract deadline of many coaches, the reporters were quite concerned about this problem. When they were asked with their contractual length, Qi Mo said that it will spend at least 2016, according to the external analysis, this It is very likely to be a 3 + 1 contract.

Patriots will face the Jets and Bill partition opponents in the final two games of the season. They can stop trying to get a higher seed Bill’s pick. But this season they can do only so much. When the playoffs come, the Patriots can only be sidelined.

Before this historic defeat of the Patriots, Buffalo Bills won the first AL East title since 1995 by the victory over the Denver Broncos. And a complete end to the Patriots playoff hopes of what was once a disciple of Brian Bailey Cech — Flores (Brian Flores).

At the press conference on Monday, Philbin refused to respond to the future of Bill Lazor and the defensive coordinator Kevin Kevin Coyle. «I once again said that this question asked Stephen Ross,» he said. «I won’t discuss anyone’s future. Steven is our boss.»

Marino also said that as four-point guards he needs to consider far more than the ball of ball. In addition, he also said that he did not know before he retired in 1999, he did not know that the leader checked the game before the game. He explained: «Friday, you started training, pick up a smooth ball, it is very natural for me, I will not check this ball before the game, I just put them in the bag Then bring it to the gym, it is so simple. «

The fifth week of the best offensive player: New York Giants 4th 卫 莱 Manning (Eli Manning), Manning finally leads the winning attack in the last moment, helping the team to win at this thrill of Sunday The name of the United Nations. Manning was shocked by 54 times to get 441 yards, and the 49-person defensive group of San Francisco was heavily. His 41 passed success is a record of the New York Giants’ Single Competition. His performance is in the two major ball goals. Little Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) and Lu Ben-Rand Rueben Randle is absent in the case of most of the 4th game. He gave the neighborhood Donnell, Donnell, Direct, and the ball was very beautiful.

The fifth week of the United States, the best special service group player: Cincinnati Mason’s player Mc. Mike Nugent, Nurogit completed 2 arbitrage shoots and 3 additional shot gates, helping tigers in the fourth quarter Seattle Eagle. He helped the tiger in the overtime.

New England Patriots missed the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 seasonAmerican sports section of this dynasty is over: the New England Patriots for the first time since the 2008 season, missed the playoffs.

Defensive Demond Melon — Jordan: Saints are ready to win the championshipBeijing June 27, in this year’s break, many news about the Saints of New Orleans is not good news. These news usually means they are not a strong competitor of the champion. However, June is an optimistic every team.

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