Karnam’s excellent performance may only be a flower, but such performance is benefited from the attack of Viking. They are leading the rush to Dalvin Cook, and two column-in-one-ranks of External Trodules and Adam-Digs in the Pass. Adam Thielen.

Kelly’s offensive system will increase the appearance of the defensive group. Thereafter, players had complained that Kelly coaching method, but Bowman is not worried: «We will try our best to make the opponent’s offensive group faster, this is our give yourself Set the standard. «

Pirates announced that Côte proceeds were promoted as the main coachThe head of Tampawan pirates is selected, and the team will promote the original offense coordinator Dirk Koetter as a new head coach, replacing the Lovie Smith, which was previously fired. After Smith left, Côte d’Ivoire was regarded as the most suitable new handsome candidate, and in addition, Miami dolphins have also interested him.

In addition, the list of Brown staff is also available: check the defensive front line Tharen — Hallmos (Tyrone Holmes) and the outside Jordan Leslie to the training lineup. From the training lineup to defense defenders, Najee Murray and Channing Stribling.

Adam — Gain will interview the head coach workAccording to NFL NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoports and Tom Pelissero reported that the front seam dolphin master coach Adam Gas will interview the head of the jet, Prior to that, Gates also took the coach of the colluded rickets.

Bowman is not worried about the impact of Kelly on defense San Francisco 49 people sanwaro-Bowman returned from injuries, completed 116 hugs this season, and the level was close to the injury. Bowman said: «I have doubt whether I can reach the previous level, now I have seen my progress. I am very grateful to other players in the alliance to my respect, which is important for recovery from injuries.»

The new season, 49 people hired a former Philadelphia Eagle coach Qipprish-Kelly, and his arrival will have a certain impact on both ends of the attack and defense. However, Bowman is not worried about these influences. He is very confident about new coaches: «We show that this year is sluggish, but we will overcome, will rebound in the future.»

Bradford shines in the first battle in the season, but he missed the past two games due to the pain of knee. At his absence, the Subject 4-point Gukes-Kazham (Case Keenum) was poor in the second week of Pittsburgh, but rebounded in the game competition, with 369 yards 3 times Detained performance Help Viking Human Cretty Bay Pirates.

Coleman has started the first two weeks, completed 6 batches, acquired 62 yards and one reached. He is the first year of Brown, the first round of the first round of Brown, and last year is also a hand fracture (not the bone is not the same), causing him to miss 6 games.

During the dolphins, the Glass did not make the quadrotae to Lenhill Ryan Tannehill. Tanhhir was absent from the first 2017 season due to the lack of the 2017 season because of his absence of the next 2017 season, and he missed five games this season. Even if Tam Hill is completely healthy, the dolphins’ attack cannot provide sustained firepower. Most of the dolphins are not reliable, and some luck is needed to advance. Dolphin This year’s Pass No. 30 is ranked 30th, it is a new team since 2003.

After selecting the four-point gaeston-Winson (Jameis Winston), the team decided to continue to build a team as the core. In Winson’s rookie season, Côte d’Ivoire helped him, the latter had the ability to stimulate the potential of each player of the pirate offensive group. Kotter, 56 years old, was held at the University of Arizona, and then served as an offensive coordinator at Atlantian Funding Eagles and Jacksonville America.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporters said that the first job after Côte d’Ivoire will be a reliable defensive coordinator. At present, the defensive level of pirates is at the end of the league, and they need a full-scale reinforcement team, thus impacting the playoffs again in the new season.

Gates were cut off by dolphins on Monday. He needs to prove to jet CEO Christopher-Johnson (Mike Maccagnan), which can not only bring victory culture to the team. It also allows Sam Darnold to steadily develop into elite quarterfield.

EA will make what the election conference scene is worthy of attention. Any players who experienced the «Madden Rugby» work in recent years have known the scene of the election conference in the game, sometimes it is very dramatic.

This year, the selected players will not take the stage after being selected by the team, take the jersey from the League President Roger Gudel. On the contrary, with the assistance of EA Sports, this year’s draft meeting will present the player and the average of Gudel interact with the virtual manner of computer animation.

Therefore, these candidate players do not need to wait until August new version of the «Madden Rugby» can see the image of ourselves in the game at the end of April. In addition, each candidate player can choose a high school rugby project to accept $ 2500 allocation assistance.

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