Right Diffuse Rasquo; El Collins is expected to play. External hand Bryler (Foot) and defensive disappearance — Collins (the foot) is listed as unable to determine the possibility, but will travel to New York.

Packaging workers will not coach professional bowl due to illnessGreen Bay Packaging Work is announced that the team’s head coach Mike McCarthy will not participate in the professional bowl competition held in Hawaii this weekend. Originally, he will use the coach to guide each team to complete this game.

In an interview, Tang Hill revealed that Texas people contacted him in February, and both parties finally agreed to renew. He said that he wants to sign a 3-year contract because it would have a chance to enter the free player market when you want yourself on 28 or 9.

The two of the second season of each entering the first season is currently the hottest quadruple sanctuary. They are only 70% of the success rate of the first two games in the season in the season, and there is no passing of the 4-point guard for 7-time Daren.

The red tick has been talking about the contract with the external hand Hopkins.Texas is a sudden transaction that makes De Andre-Hopkins encountered a giant life, and it is not intended to treat him in the new east.

3 times, the best lineup line, Bowman, is a terrible injury in the Championships of the last season, in the National United Chao Championship championship, his knees front cross ligament and the inner sub-ligament double tear. At the beginning of the season, he was put into the list of injuries and could not play, and he did not train with the team.

«I just want to build a market benchmark, becoming the highest salary offensive front line player, so all the young players after I know anything is possible,» Tang Hill said. «You just have to work hard.»

Cowboy three defensive members will not play this weekIn this week, the winner will lack the help of the critical members of the three defensive groups. Justin Durant, defensive front line members David — Oralwalk Orlando — Candrek (Orlando Scandrist) will not go to New York.

But since he has been activated, he can start training on the field. Of course, Wholesale Jerseys this does not necessarily mean that he will participate in training or play the game. Although 49 people originally planned to return to the competition in the middle of the season, it is impossible to ensure that Bowman can return.

«You have to rely on yourself, this is what I did, I finished renewing,» Tang Hill said. «I am very proud of myself and the team. I still say that I can’t ask, even if they announce the news two days ago. I still say no.»

San Francisco 49 people activate line Wei Baoman enters a big listIn the face of the decision to be activated or put in the post-injury reserve list, the 49 people of San Francisco have been determined to gain the line to guard the Navorro Bowman to activate the big list.

Crow defensive coach: Jackson and Mahms will be a new generation of great accommodationBeijing September 21, Baltimore Crow, Don & Quot; Wink & Quot; Martindale, believes that the team’s four-point guards in Lamar Jackson and the Kansas City chief quarteric Patrick — The mortgage between Mahomes is able to become the next great accommodation.

The professional bowl has been regarded as a chicken rib. It is natural to make our physical health for this game for McCarthy. At the same time, Moss will gain a rare opportunity, which will become an important event in his coaches career.

And the two passed a total of 14 pass to more than a copy of the CDL is the second good data before the NFL history. In 1969, Fran Tarkenton and Craig Morton were rated by the first (two people completed 18 times before the sixth week of handed 18 times, no copy) .

Jackson is less likely to interview. «This is a crow against anae,» he said. «I really didn’t think of this game as me with him. If there is any confrontation, I face the chief defense group. I rely on my defensive group outstanding play to stop him, my mission is score. This It is what I have to do. «

Relevant persons revealed that doctors suggested that McChazi should not perform long-distance flights, and the latter chooses to listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Therefore, the team assistant coach and the WINSTON MOSS will replace McCartin to complete this week’s work.

Tang Hill and Houstown German General Manager Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) finalized the contract, this contract was 3 years, a value of 66 million US dollars, including $ 50 million security income. The annual average annual salary of $ 2.2 million is a gap between $ 4 million to become the highest salary attack cut off.

In the only one in the past, Jackson lost the game. In December last year, the chief over the overtime game with 27-24. In that game, Jackson and Mahms were led to the offensive group to promote 588 yards, completed 4 times to pass.

«Imagine, as an NFL player, a Vanteri game player, NFL is dominated by these young four-point guard,» said Martin. «I think you will see two outstanding quarters in this game. We may see the next generation Braddy and Manning’s confrontation, Ali and Frazer’s confrontation, magicians and big birds You don’t know if it is true, but the two are definitely excited. «

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