Lions defensive coach: Rookie cornerback Ao Kuda work very seriouslyDetroit Lions with the third pick in this year’s draft pick cornerback Jeff — Ao Kuda (Jeff Okudah) as the team’s future head horn guard.

Winning a victory of Bellchik will become the best coachBill Belichick is about to win the honor of wholesale Nfl Jerseys history, as long as the new England Patriots get the sixth time in the superbown in the Sunday competition.

[Event Review] Antonio-Brown Second Punction, Steel Man 41-17 Rolling FalconBeijing October 8th Rely against this — Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) two connected in the second half, the steel man 41-17 crushed the restroom, the record became 2-2-1.

«I think there is this possibility. On the other hand, after I left, you didn’t see the eagle players wearing a jersey on the 25th, so you can never know,» McCoo said. «But I will consider all options. I think I may join the eagle. As I said, there is home, you can never know.»

Last season, proved to be one of the best cornerback for the Ohio State University played Ao Kuda. In 13 games, he made a total of 34 tackles, nine passing and 3 steals destruction, was unanimously voted All-American team.

Due to the left leg muscle injury, Rogers have limited training times this week. Despite the coach Melody, Rogers’ injury has recovered a lot than last week, but he still said on Tuesday still there will be some problems. Rogers said: «This is just a small injury, the medical staff helps me to recover well, I can take a group to complete the game.»

The outer handlers confirmed that Gordon has signed with Seattle Hawks on Thursday. NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Gordon’s contract was 1 year, with a maximum value of more than $ 1 million. However, Gordon was banned in the unlmination of the league in December last year. He still needs to wait for the result of the application to restore the appearance.

«I have worked in this business and he rarely had to fight such people,» Enderlin representation. «I know this, I could see that, even in the video link in this guy, he never stop, I have to say & lsquo;. Jeff, we can have five minutes to talk the ball do not you do anything else? ? What are we doing things right ah & rsquo; such a point which shows how serious he was. «.

Old will run Wei Raolian-McKai: or consider the end of the eagleLe Shean McCoy promoted more than 11,000 yards in his career, 6 times selected professional bowl, 2 times selected the best lineup, and won the super bowl of championship in the beginning of this year.

But this doesn’t mean that they will pass on the side of him. Rogers said: «We must realize the threat of Shelman, not afraid of him, but to him need embankment. Data will not lie, from his side of the passing success rate is not high, at the same time The number is much. «

One degree is the Philadelphia Eagle starting running guards in McCay in Buffalo, adding to the coach group. He still played excellent in Bill, but was cut off before the beginning of last year. Soon he joined the Chief of Kansas City, but eventually lost the first position due to injuries. Today, McCaki has a full-end period considering its future home. He is listening to the offer, but it is not anxious to sign.

During the effectiveness of Cleveland, Gordon missed the entire 2015 and 2016 season. In December 2018 he was banned due to the violation of the application for appearance. Last year, this ban is that he has been banned in his career, and it is also the fifth time due to drug abuse.

Lions defensive coordinator Corey — Enderlin (Cory Undlin) has been full of praise for the potential of Ao Kuda. He also said that the latter has a fighting spirit and talent in the NFL to be a special player.

In the first week, the first week of the package worker’s top, Jordy Nelson, avoided the sides of Shelman, but using Jarrett Boykin and Davan — Adams (Davante) Adams) Go to the opposite Shelman, and Rogers did not pass towards Shelman. The last Nielsen completed 9 batts to win 83 yards, and Randall Cobb has 6 bolts.

Rogers: no longer escape Sherman sideCompared to the first week of the Green Bay packaging team, only one side of the Seattle Hawks, four-point Wei Alon Rogers said they did not fear this week, they were afraid to Richard-Shelman (Richard) Side of the ball.

In theory, McCay may already be sufficient to be selected. But his career has not ended. In an interview, McCoo said that he will return to the 12th season, and we hope to end your career in a suitable way.

«This is the last journey. I finally put on my career in the last time. I want to leave in the way I join the league,» Macquay said. «Work hard and have some success. From what I feel, I may play another year, but I will definitely play another year, just play my own mark.»

Since the external connections are troublesome, the Hawks have recently signed the old PAUL RICHARDSON. Phillip — PHillip Dorsett (Foot), John Ursua (Leg Head) and Cody Thompson are missing for a while, but they have returned. Gordon will compete with David Moore and Richardson to become a team of three.

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