Good this year with the raid to sign a $ 8.4 million contract, including $ 3.2 million security amount. He finally played 15 games last season, and 14 (2 far away, 12 left strings). His performance is very good, even by Jon Gruden, Jon Grud, DEREK Carr, is also known as the team’s MVP.

Dinglong met his wife through rugby in the United States. Now Ding Long has become a father, self-discipline makes him more understand the importance of the family, and he will also bring football to privately, and teach himself for others.

The red skin record after the transfer is 7 wins and 8 losses. Although the promotion playoffs still have theoretical possibilities, but the current team’s lineup is inexpensive. After Titan’s winning record is 9 wins and 6 losses. The last round of regular season Titan will compete with the same partition against the foreign card to compete for the external card, and when Mario Tag will play an important factor in the War of War.

The second half of the eagle took the lead in attacking and three gear. The giant takes behind Odel — Beckham ball 27 yards, running Wei La Saudi-Jennings (Rashad Jennings) Middle Road punch to advance 19 yards. Entering the Red District, the giant did not change to the red zone again, but they had to send Robie-Gould be 29 yards, the giants will be divided into 16:21, only 5 points behind. After that, the eagle near the front of Zach Ertz ran out of 19 yards and led the team to enter the giant half. Olivier Vernon still put it down after Carson — Wenz passed forward, and was fouled by the Roughing The Passer. Carson Wenz also had to end the brain shock examination, Chat Daniel debut. In the face of the punching pressure, Daniel will throw the ball to the Runwen Matthew, and promote 16 yards. Before you get the distribution, Philadelphia continuously causing the ball. Four gears 1 yards, Ryan Matthew Scorpion is blocked back, Philadelphia will make the ball and return.

In the red skin, after the four-point guardian Alex Smith and Kirt McCoy, the performance of Josh Johnson is very satisfactory. In the 23rd pass 13 pass 13th yards, although 2 have been passed down to reach reachable, there is 2 times of copying, and it has created 2 deadly ball transformations. One of them is Tamato. Malcom Butler turned back to an attack. The only highlight of the Red Skin Offset is the old Judee Pitten, 26 sho, 119 yards, the season’s scorpion code is broken, becoming the fifth 33 years old after NFL history, still The players who can get the thousandth of the squash data, and Piteson also surpass Eric Dickson, the eighth place in the nfl jerseys historical scorpion code in 13398 yards.

The giant offensive group passed a series of short biography and scorpion attacks, and he got the first attack. Come to the eagle half a 35-yard line, three files 4 yards, Odel Beckham got the first attack; however, after the video challenge of the eagle, the referee recognized that Beckham did not hold the ball. In the face of four files, External handstlin-Shepard did not complete the ball. The Eagle team took 5 points of leading advantages and 1 minute and 54 seconds left in the game; but they did not convert three gears, and there was a 1 minute and 37 seconds left in the game. I had to kick it. Elays Manning continuously shorted, led the team all the way to the Philadelphia. Come to Philadelphia Halffield 34 code line, three-speed 10 yards, Manning’s long biography is copied by Temürcers, and the Philadelphia locks the victory.

Xu Xin believes that the development of rugby in China must rely on the power of the people. Don’t talk about competitive levels, popularization and cognition is very important, plus a certain education system, and professional process football can go further in China.

The 16th Week Thursday Night Tournament: Christmas Jenkins is a gift of Philadelphia, the giant playoffs still surveyed

Beijing time on Friday, December 23, 9: 30, NFL regular season, the second week of the next week, the battle screen: Philadelphia Eagle is sitting on Thursday night Town Town Philadelphin Financial Stadium, welcoming the New York Giants. The two national Liandong District team last met or in the norm of regular season this season, when the giants defeated the eagle at home 28:23. According to the person, the eagle main right cut Ren Johnson will be banned, while the giant number, Janoris Jenkins, will be lacking, and the giant defensive end Synn Pierre Jason Pierre-Paul still can’t debut.

In the end, the game is over, the Philadelphia Eagle is at home 24:19 victorious New York giant. This is the first National Federation, the first National Union Eastern War of the Philadelphia. Dallas denim fisherman is profitable, locked the position of the National Assembly and even the national leader. The giant fans don’t have to be discouraged. They are still likely to lock a foreign card with the failure of other Kingdoms.

In the first half of the competition, the Attack arrangement of Gary Kubiak, and the state of Manning also affected the team’s offensive efficiency. However, the last moment, the wild horses that use no merchants attacked the fans once again saw the firepower, such as the wild horses of the bamboo. For Manning, he needs to use more offensive methods of your favorite, and the unconstimed business attack may be more frequent in the future of wild horse.

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