This allows them to get rid of the predicament that is never been dismantled. It is expected that it costs a $ 1.9 billion alley. The raids still hopes to hold voting in this spring, moved through their proposal to Las Vegas.

The male bird has won a very interesting game, saying that the bird is because it is estimated that there is nothing to pay attention to this game, it is because … is really interesting. The defensive group has been stable, and the overall situation is holding, the special team broke out to help the raw sheep pressure in the US Tiger, and the ramp will return to the beginning of the game of Pharo Cooper. Todd Gurley has harvested 116 yards on Sunday, everyone can do it!

Evre: Know Earr-Thomas Love Cowboy

This year’s lunar season, many of the merits of the sea eagle won the superb bowl will leave the team, defending the end of Krevi Evrel (CLIFF Avril) is also one of them.

Wallace talks about the team attack: We can’t continue to indulge

Mike Wallace has been known for its long-distance catching, but the current Miami dolphins makes him fresh opportunities. The performance of the Dolphin This season is bright, but the undulating state is still the team’s problem. This week, the dolphins lost the game in 16-20, and the Wallace game completed 51 yards in the game, and there was a reached performance. But unfortunately, wholesale Nfl Jerseys he still failed to complete 100 yards in a single game.

During the event, he received the ESPN interviews Wallace said: «Our offensive group can’t continue to sink. We can’t start, you must want to keep the state. We need to play the football we want, then win each game The game. «Wallace is right, although the team gets 3 consecutive victories beforewards, and sweeps San Diego lightning in 37 last week, but inactivating the game team is uncomfortable to doubt whether they are prototype. It is good to maintain a good competitiveness in the Dolphin this season, and they need to make every player in the rest of the season, develop all the potential. Only in this way can they continue to advance towards the playoffs.

The close-end Fengmei Glaham is leaving the team this year, and it is signed with the bear team. Striger does not accidentally be the first choice for the packaging worker, followed by Marcedes Lewis and Robert Tonyan.

Iblang’s past performance and injury history make this signing effect attention. Can he return to the State of the 2018 season? Steel people need to strengthen the Red District Offense, and IBOON can play an important role in the Red District.

«All people in the Hawie’s locker room clearly, El likes cowgirl very much.» Evrel said, «He will immediately rush to see the cowboy on Monday night game after work, but we don’t take this way. He will complete his duties. «

When the 2018 season and the four-point guardian Dru Lak (Andrew Luck), Iblang completed 66 battles and achieved a new 750 yards and 13 times. However, he once again set up unstable again in the 2019 season and ended the season in advance.

Packaging worker near-end Madenberg: Ready to make more contributions

Due to an ankle injury, the packaging workers near the front 8 games of JACE STERNBERGER, and only 6 games were only played. He was completed in the playoffs for the first time in the professional stadium.

In 2014, the first round of the first round of the Detroit Deco’s selection of Iblang has been in the past two seasons for Indiana Polis. In the top 6 seasons in front of his career, Ibrah was suffering from the disease due to unstable performance and frequent ball. But when he played outstanding, he showed his talent.

Stern Berg told reporters: «This is just the first in my career. After the score, I am more worried about the game & lsquo; only two ball rights, must work hard & rsquo; so I switched very fast, but at the time It is indeed a good power. This is my training purpose & hellip; & hellip; it is what I am trying to do. «

I won’t put the eagle to down, love you. Although I didn’t see this game as I thought (I lapked myself outside the house, I had to go to the front girlfriend home to take the back, but I can listen to the broadcast. The focus of the anchor is placed on the number of big code of Philadelphia, especially the 6th file to advance the 75 yards, to a certain extent, to be the key to the competition. I like this game: Legarrette Blount 14 times, use him more! Nelson Agholor contributed a lot of large-size attacks, including the bolus completed in the advancement mentioned above.

Safety Wei Her-Thomas is one of the few olders on the list, but will he continue to fight in the Hawks. Previously, Thomas publicly expressed the mini training camp to be held in June, unless the team took action «solving the contract».

Previously, Thomas was still found after the game, Jason Garrett, encouraged him to attract himself. During the season season, the Cowboy was also included in the Team’s team with the Hawks. Recently, Everrell said in the broadcast show, Thomas loves the cowboy, but the Haiying players don’t take this serious thing.

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