Mahms and Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49 people to win in the super bowl last year. Breddy will usher in the 10th Super Bowl of your personal. He won 6 champions in the previous 9 superblocks. There are more than 4 times in other four-point guards.

Quartz Majombus: Focus on winning the super bowl in front of you and is not the total number of champions

Patrick Mahomes may consider whether their championships can be considered to be Tm Brady in the future.

The first week of the game, Goff did not enter the listing, the team gave 49 people in San Francisco with a 200-1 28. This game has completed 130 yards in 35 pass 17, and there were 2 coputés, 2 times, and Goff did not enter the list of games as this year. Obviously, he has a lot of progress space.

After Woodnson, angry: we are bad

At the beginning of the season, the Auckland raids safely Wei Charles Woodson were full of confidence in the team. However, as the team is 14-30, Woodson has no mood to continue to optimize. In this game, the raid person offensive group handed over 4 times, and the defensive group was also in front of Arian Foster. After Woodnson, he said: «We are bad! We have a dull! No matter what reason, we will never stop the opponents, especially in the first half of the game. Every party’s offense, every first attack, Completion until the last score. We have chance, but it is not able to grasp. In short, we look bad! «

Cape Nick downturn caused the 49 people to lose?

In a week ago, the San Francisco 49 people coach Jim Harbaugh also praised his quartz, Colin Kaepernick, Hubble said that Cape Nick slowly turned into one Mature and great «pockets».

«We won’t put your eyes so far. I am paying attention to this game. I strive to win the second super bowl of champion, I hope to get ridicon cup and get the second champion ring. But if I ended your career I got a lot of super bowls of championships, I will be very happy. «

Perhaps Hubble has different definitions to «great» and «mature», because Kynek’s performance in the game of Thanksgiving to Seattle Hawks, is absolutely afraid. This is the most important game in the 49 team to start today: One is the home of his own death, two come on the national live broadcast of Thanksgiving, but Capeni has completed his career with two mistakes. One of the worst games: this game only passed the distance of 121 yards, the success rate of passing the ball is only 55.2% (29 pass 16), and the comprehensive evaluation shows that this is the second after him. Poor competition.

And the US time was interviewed on Thursday, Anderson said: «I don’t know who will have more code numbers. I am going to defeat the good brother.» Obviously such competition will be a big point of view in the Melanie District.

Of course, you may think that Cape Nick’s downturn is that he encounters the best team in the alliance, but don’t forget that the four-point guards of the Hawow Wilson faces the alliance defense. The second good team.

There is not much time to stay to Capenik and Hubble, they must find a solution to solve problems in two weeks, because the 49 people will once again with the sea eagle again on the 15th week. Before this, they will pass the Auckland raid team with the alliance bottom, and if even the raids can’t overcome, then they will be likely to have the first time after the Hubble team.

The New York Giants’ second-line defense can be more difficult to have more difficulties in this year. Although the giants introduced the first big hand to introduce James Bradberry, James Bradberry, the first corner guard, is still an unknown. Last year, the first round of Shikang Weidian Deandre Baker is entangled in the officer and has been cut off, and the first three-wheeled Xiu-hm-Sam BEAL selection exits the new season. In addition, the two-wheeled Safety Sanshire-McInni (Xavier McKinney) was fractured in the training camp. If the security position giant has played a good Julian, Julian Love, Wholesale Jerseys it can rely on, for the corner guard team, introduced a number of old people to find satisfaction candidates in the late training camp, but before accepting At interviews, the giant coach Joe-Jiaji will not give a certain answer for any one-in-one angle guard. In view of the team’s passive power, the team leadership is facing the external connections of the Juju Smith-Schuster and Di Antae Johnson, the giant second-line defensive energy Do you have you tested?

«The goal is to win the super bowl of champion as much as possible and can enter the super bowl every year.» Mahmus was asked to get 10 times in the super bowl in the super bowl of Brady at the end of his career. Answered when you achieve satisfaction. «I will have such a mentality every time I am playing. I have worked back to the super bowl and I work hard to win the super bowl.»

CJ Andon hopes to defeat Lynch on the number of candidates next season

Beijing June 16th, Denver’s Wild Horse, CJ Anderson, in 2016, was injured, only 437 yards and 4 reached, the new season, his goal is surpassed on the number of lams MARSHAWN LYNCH.

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