49 people reverses the winner of Katnik out of 3 reachaes

Beijing time October 14 morning 8:30, Monday Night Tournament was challenged by San Francisco 49 people in the same district, and finally 49 people won at 31 to 17.

After the onset of the male fighting, the prime walk was in the first place, the new show quartz, Austin Davis, the approach, the Jared Cook, Completed 39 yards. 49 people Tang Don Skuta responded, but helpless Ahmad Brooks is penalized to the Wushu, the lucky ram is running the Dove Beni- Benny Cunningham completed 1 code to fight, 7-0 lead. The male defensive group also showed a 49-person offensive group «Senucting Bureau». After each of the two sides, the main team attacked and defensive, first, first offending the Rodney McLod manufactures 49 people near the Temmer Wans-McDonald (Vance McDonald), then The close-end sharp-Kendrick will complete the 22 yards of the 28-yard boller to get the score to 14-0.

In the second half, due to the long distance of the first half of Loyder, the main leadership team is steep, 49 people play a wave of nearly 10 minutes, 11 yards from Anquan Boldin (Anquan Boldin) The ball is reaching the opposite score! 17-14, 49 people in this game leading the first time. The Ram Defensive Team took a few times a few times, and several times were still difficult to send the first attack because of the fourth defense. 49 people are drums to get the lead in the 32 yards of Michael Crabtree. The score came to 24-14. Entering the fourth quarter, the Rambury defensive group seized the lax, struggling to complete several interceptions. However, helpless rookie quartz guards in the psychological stress and 49-person defensive groups, the team did not have a round of resection until the last 2 minutes of Section 4 last 2 minutes. The ravese did not give up, although the gambling kick failed, but the defensive group completed the blocking. The last 1 minute is the opportunity to chase the score, but the 49-person defensive group did not give them the opportunity, and the winter tower — Johnson has a bad pass, his 20 yards copy Dalgate the end of the game, the score is locked in 31-17,49 people take away the victory.

Lynch is from Auckland, a high school that spends here, at the university. He is part of the community here, so he came to the team’s decision to receive the outside world, especially in the future moved to Ras Vegas, this worse news broke out.

Ma Shaun — Lynch Easily integrates into the raider locker room

Marshawn Lynch has been parked by fans, seemed that his teammates also like him, especially new teammates seem quickly to be a piece with him.

In the second festival, after the knotted war, the 49 people showed a sluggish finally retrieved, and the Phil Dawson hit the 54-yard remote departure, the defensive group intercepted the other party’s offensive , Quad-saving, Colin Kaepernick, in the first half, the last 14 seconds seized the rear of the ram, and the long history came, and the old will take the outside of Brandon Lloyd. 80 yards to catch up! The score is reduced to 10-14.

Houston is opposite Sunday is the San Diego Flash Bridge, Philip Rivers, and 15 games this season were only killed 29 times. Opposite Watt is Blake Bortles of Jacksonville, and 13 games were killed 50 times this season, and Dumerville faced the Kreveland Brown’s decline. Connor Shaw, this Sunday is his first start. So Houston is likely to be exceeded by Watt or Dumerville.

Nick Sarban: Http://Volleypedia.org/ University players participate in the draft in the election is not a good thing.

Beijing April 7th, the University of Alabama, Nick Saban, believes that in addition to the top players, the university player participated in the NFL draft in the NFL draft.

«When people make sense to decide, they will suffer some really difficult consequences in the future. Because you don’t have to participate in the draft in advance. You can stay in school to continue playing. We have 6, 7 only two rounds or three The player of the river is eventually selected in the first 15 or the first round is selected and earned a lot of money, so there are some good examples that are not in advance, «

Wilson got 15 games for the Saints last season, including 4 games, and clicked 27 times. In 2010, the first round of the first round of the first round was set by Wilson, which was selected by the New York jet, 4 seasons for the jet; & mdash; his best season was in 2012, at the time he first sent 15 games.

«I remember to participate in the NFL draft with him. We trained together in Arizona. At that time, I knew that he would not be ignored», Peterson said, «his nickname & lsquo; beast mode & rsquo; is why: He is very Force, the speed is very fast. His late movement, changing, his view is great. Even if he doesn’t play a lot of games this year, I still think he is the second good running guard in the league, no doubt. » «Compared to Linqi, my speed is faster, I don’t think he can change it like me, but his side movement, the ability to break through the ability is surprising.»

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