Wood also said that the free player market opened on March 9 is not the deadline for Johnson to make a decision to make a decision to make a decision. & Mdash; even though this may bring more wage spaces for the team.

In March crazy, Rogers who have been open to the Wisconsin University Basketball team appeared in the NBA draft of Barclays Center, he is to support his friends Sam Deker. After being selected by the Houston rocket, Deml and Rogers took a few photos together with Rockets. On the tweet, Deml wrote: «Another big brother came to New York celebration.»

According to ESPN reporters Adam Schefter, Berkhede did not tear the front cross ligament. Although he will absent a period of time, the knees are not serious. After that Berk Black will also receive further nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scans in Monday morning.

Kasler showed a good pass premieration and the ability to rapidly led the offensive advancement. In his debut and full of competitions, the Brown offensive group promoted 384 yards. However, he lacks the strength of the long army. The two game Brown offensive groups played by McCaun were not coincidence.

Earlier this year, Dekel revealed that Rogers stunned him before the University of Wisconsin University, incentive, incentive, incentive, incentive, and he responded to the highest score performance of 23 points. Obviously, their friendship will continue.

When various teams gradually find new coach, we found that the experience of commanding attacks is not a prerequisite for coach opportunities & mdash; & mdash; Detroit Lion, New Year, Dan Campbell, and Philadelphia, New Year, Nik, Hilia Nick Sirianni did not have a command to attack & mdash; & mdash; therefore, this is not a reason why Nana cannot get favored.

The chief attack coordinator is better than nano: I hope that the opportunity to serve as the team coach.

A year ago, Eric Bieniemy was considered to get the coach of the other teams. Surprisingly, he eventually stayed in the Chief of Kansas City. And this year, there will be a different result at the beginning.

Lobport reported that Brown may give up Manzel, but it is not clear how they will do this. Now, Manzel is derogatory in the alliance. Because of the concerns of his field behavior, Http://Derwillner.De/2015/11/08/Escape/ it is hard to imagine Brown If the transaction is, it can get what return beyond the end of the election. They may also cut Manzer, which may be a strong signal to start their own coach for Jackson.

Jackson also said that although McChane wants to play, he understands this decision. «I think he understands the situation we are. After 15 years, he has always understood the team decided.» Jackson said.

«This is still decided by Calvin. I chatted with him on Monday,» Wood said. «Bob Quinn (Bob Quinn) (General Manager of the Lion) talked about him. Carvin has not made a decision. If he wants to return, we are willing to let him return. If he feels retired, we will also support this A decision. He needs to decide what is beneficial to him. We can do the worst thing is to give him pressure. «

Bi nan has such a capacity and resume, but it is unable to get a coach opportunity to be a incredible thing. He won the super bowl title, cultivated young outstanding players, developed a creative competition plan, got support cheap nfl jerseys from china players, and another respected coach recommended him.

This is not surprising. Manzell did not appear in the team after two years of the team in the team. This seems to have declared the end of his brown player career. Jackson’s arrival will only accelerate the leave of Manze.

Brown also has Josh McCown and Austin Davis, but feels that they will find new quarter-off. They have the list of eyeks of this year’s draft, and Tennesi Titan, who is holding the house, has identified the first quarter-off. It is now possible to replace the team’s old quarterfield to more than ever.

«Can be noted and have a chance to achieve dreams,» Bi Nanmi is said to interview on Thursday. «Yes, I really want to be a team coach, but in the end, my mission is to make sure I will not distract, I can’t reach the goal of our efforts.»

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