Broncos general manager Herve not worried about status of the team quarterbackDenver Broncos quarterback competition continues to be the most interesting of the league during the preseason competition.

After the trading rumor came out, Titan players Derrick Henry and A.j. Brown (A.j. Brown) publicly expressed the intention of the Social Media. Brown and even self-made a video, wholesale Jerseys explaining why Titan and Jones will be in the sky.

There have been 132 times in the six-year NFL career in EDELMAN, and the 1620 yards have been promoted, and each season, every season, every season, has been discarded, and 13 years did not, 14 years. Although not on top-level data, it is quite efficient, and it has always been a trustworthy attack on the Patriot team.

This year’s draft champion for Cleveland is injured, Brown did not disclose the injury but injured were considered not serious. Galt was seen on the scene while laughing next to a group of jackets. The coach-Jackson said that Gallet did not have a serious problem after training, and the team was just careful.

In the first preseason game, the Broncos’ top defensive group looks exactly the same as last season, in the absence of the head two horns and two number one health impact of hand passing situations, they zero seal the Chicago Bears.

«From he came here, Mike has not lived up to people’s expectations, and even beyond our expectations.» Tom Telesco, Tom Telesco, told reporters. «He is unquestionable leadership.» This is the same, it is the trust of teammates, coaches and others. His work concept is to last for forever & mdash; & mdash; we often try to stop training & mdash; & mdash; and perseverance, this is very There is infectious. Mike is worth depending on, this is invaluable. I am very happy to let the center of the professional bowl will stay more than one year. «

Coach — Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) did not even appoint end against the San Francisco 49ers preseason who served as the starting quarterback. In Mark — the case of Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) starting the first game, Trevor — Xi Mian (Trevor Siemian) in the next game starts is also a convincing choice. Kubiak competition simply expressed «very intense.»

Return specialist Devin Hester attack in 2014, the first week of the race, won his first career 20 return touchdowns, officially over previously held by Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders 19 th record, becoming the NFL history The greatest attack hand.

Interview We learned that Deion Sanders met him with him in the DEVIN HESTER university, and he appreciated this young man and often gave Hester to pay attention and encouragement. And Hester also took Sanders as an example of a tutor and learning. When two people couldn’t help each other, this picture accompanied by the alternation of new and old records, always stayed in NFL history. .

Jones put forward its own requirements after the start season, but the falcon chose to secretly conversation until recently. At present, the Falcon does not want to trade Jones to other nationals, but if the price is appropriate, it will consider.

This attack occurs in the 3rd week of the 14th season, Atlanta Falcon, the Atlantan Falc, the second quarter of 7 minutes and 25 seconds, the pirates abandoned in front of the terminal area, and Hester lined up with the 38-yard line of the hand. Being starting to attack, this pirate special team is not enough to intercept the slap in the transition of Hester’s transition, and the depth of the plane is not enough, and it is almost no line of defense after the Hester quickly breaks through the first layer. The last 20 yards, Hester is almost jumped in the dance, because he knows this moment, his name will be entered the NFL history by the book.

The team has opened the first round for Guan JonesUS Time Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, the Falcon has obtained several transactions on Julio Jones, which also have the first round of privileges.

«This is a this — Kou Heights (Ben Coates) initiated in the 1990s,» Campbell said. «He believes the players down to meet with us, clap is a great idea, so after every proximal Feng and we will do so, we have been retained that & rsquo;. traditional & rsquo; after Aoputumu lounge (Optum lounge) set up last year, the game we can not in a position generally stood & mdash; & mdash; southern end of the district after & mdash; & mdash; alone in our & lsquo; move & rsquo; after the first game, you really should take a look at Rob — when glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) we can not find a high-five, his face kind extremely nervous anxiety of expression. «

«Before they finished and we pictured, we can not completely leave,» Bao Sike said, «Before the game, we are still parking lot, and we should arrive at the stadium two hours before kick-off. Although from the parking lot to Stadium only 150-200 yards distance, but it might be that we spend 45 minutes to one hour to go. «

US time on Tuesday, the team officially announced that it is about one year in Pangxi, and now his contract will last until the end of the 2020 season. According to NFL NetWork reporters, the contract salary is 9 million US dollars.

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