ESPN reporter Adam-Xie Ford reported that this contract was 4 years, which was $ 140 million, including $ 65 million of signing bonuses. NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the contract guarantee income was $ 10.7 million according to the insider news, and Wholesale Jerseys it also included the trading clause. This contract makes Wilson become the highest salary player.

This pre-clipping research summit that will be held in Canada in a cerebral volatile research summit in Canada, the next month, and said that he is affected by emotional fluctuations and is getting worse.

«I won’t say & lsquo; never return & rsquo;» Gronosky said on Tuesday. «I am 30 years old, I am still young. I still stay healthy, still watching the game at any time, still enjoy the game. I feel very good, but I have to take a rest for 1 year. Perhaps rest for 2 years.»

At present, the 9 wins and 1 negative patriots will need Gronoski. The team’s four-point Wei Tom Braddy expressed dissatisfaction with the offensive group after 17-10 defending the fee. Gronoski said that he would enjoy the retirement life, but it also pays close attention to the old game.

This career entered the sixth year of running guards after being cut by Pittsburgh, he added a patriot after the Pittsburgh steelman last November last year, and he played a core role in the tour of the patriot. After the 11-game competition of the effective steel, Bront rushed out 281 yards hit the opponent defensive group in the last five games of the Patriot Convention. He rushed out of 189 yards in the three games of Bill Belichick.

Previously, Gronosky announced that he would hold a business nature in South Florida, named «Gronard Beach». His words may let the patriot fans re-ignited his hopes of return to the team this year. If he is still planned to return this season, according to NFL rules, he must do this before November 30.

Previously, there were news that Wilson wishes to hook his new contract, which means that he can account for a certain percentage salary. However, the final Wilson’s new contract still maintains the traditional structure.

«Until today, I can’t control my emotional fluctuations,» he said. «There are many days I have to apologize to my family. I thank God, I have an understanding of my family in the 3rd year and even after I retired 14 to 15 years. They all understand so I will There is emotional fluctuation, sometimes I just can’t control it. «

After accepting the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, the doctor means that the forehead leaves of Thomas are like a person who falls on the front of the roof or a brain that hits the car windshield several times. Thomas said his situation «is a variety of things.»

This ban is very short, but if Brunte can finally leave the team, his absence will make the patriot in this position. Stevan Ridley and Shan Vereen have been left to the team, only Jonas Gray, Gray, Brandon, Brandon Bolden and James — Defolin can follow the heavy responsibility. Patriotes may need to add new runs through the draft.

A union spokesperson notified NFL official website to say that the new England Patrioper Runa will have a competition for a non-salary-free game due to violation of the NFL abuse of drugs, and he will not be able to participate in the 2015 season regular season. Brown is unique to participate in all snaps and preseason training. He will be able to participate in the second week of competition as his first battle.

Wilson’s renewal is also likely to affect the next team building of the Hawks. Previously, the Haiye suspended the sale of privileged label players, defending Dragonfrank-Clark (Frank Clark). But after Wilson get a big contract, how will the team deal with Clark or an unknown.

Hawks 4-point Wellweldon finalize the contract to win the highest payOn April 16, on April 15th, the Seattle Hawk waltson and the team’s negotiations continued until the last minute of the Russell Wilson and the team’s negotiations.

Wenz was on the beginning of the next half, and the top 5 offensive chose to pass, two successfully completed, and two passing the ball failed due to the pick-up of the people, this wave of offensive to abandon the end, but Wenz’s rapid mobile capabilities and solid arm power displayed in the first wave of attacks make the Philadelphia fans in the scene very excited, one of the three-speed attack, Wenz quickly got rid of the rushing pressure and ran out 10 yards to make the audience thunder .

In the latest issue of injuries announced in the team, Ford and the top take over Alston Jeffery are listed as «doubt.» Both people participated in training on Friday, the team’s opponent this week will be St. Louis ram. Although Ford is borne 32% of the team’s 32% offensive code, Jeremy Langford proves that he has the ability to fill the vacancies left by Fordi. Langfurt 21 times touched, and the total promotion of 142 yards.

Ford’s knee is more serious than imagination The knee injury of the Chicago Bear Runa-Ford Forte seems to be more serious than the team expected. On Friday, local media reported that Forti is a lack of knees, and he is the same as his injury encountered in the 2011 season.

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