Brown is a defensive cut off cheap jerseys from china the Auben University. This year, the first round is selected. The remaining six lottery signs of the black panther also spent the defensive player. Since the NFL draft, the first time I have a team all the draft sign to choose a defensive player.

Gaoff is gone in the ram for five years, and his career record is 42-27. After the ram entered the Super Bowl, Gaofmen won a new year of $ 134 million in a new contract, including 111 million US dollars. However, after the superb bowl lost, the performance of Gaoff and the ram continued to decline. After the 12th week of this season, after 49 people, the male sean mcvay publicly criticized the mistake of the Gaofeng’s game, requiring this quarter to improve as soon as possible. In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, Gaoff has a total of 38 times to transform, and ranked second in the same period.

Ram uses four points Wei Gaoff trading to get Matthew — Stafford

US time Saturday night, according to the ESPN reporter, the ram will use the four-point Guard Goff to make chips, exchanged the lion quartz, Matthew — Stafford ( Matthew stafford.

According to sources, team medical staff have discussed Filz’s treatment programs, as well as if any events occur in NFL career, if any events (such as brain shock) may make him face greater risks. But Füred did not absence any game in the university. His universities were once the Hayisman trophy final player and the best top ten offensive players in the year. In the past January, lead the team to participate in the National Championship.

Unfortunately, he didn’t work with your brother J.J. Watt (J. Watt). According to nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, J.J. Watter recently accepted a knee cleaning turtle, but he also said that he is not an income.

Pierre — Paul promises to the coach you will return

New York Giants Star Defensive Direct Edge Pierre-Paul Because it is inadvertently fried in the National Day, it is urgently divided by the right index finger. However, after receiving the operation, it has been hidden, and there is no contact with the team, and even the SM staff in Tom Coughlin is not returned. The giant management is the behavior of Pierre-Paul. Quite dissatisfaction. However, in recent days, the exchanges of both parties have gradually become more frequent, and the atmosphere has begun to gradually ease.

The lion will receive 3 rounds of 2021, the first round sign in 2022, with a 2023 first round sign. This is also since 1967, the first time I have a team interchangeably. But the transaction should wait until the beginning of the 3.17 alliance will take effect.

Defensive Demond Melon — Jordan: Saints are ready to win the championship

Beijing June 27, in this year’s break, many news about the Saints of New Orleans is not good news. These news usually means they are not a strong competitor of the champion. However, June is an optimistic every team.

The giant defensive frontline coach Robert Nunn said in an interview that he was in recent and Pierre — Paul through SMS, Pierre — Paul wrote in SMS: «I am trying to adjust yourself in order to return The right track, I will come back after adjustment. «

«We are building a team that won the super bowl of champion,» New Orleans Saint-Defense Demond Melon — Jordan «said. «We are not to build a team for the future. It is difficult to believe our team. We are ready to win the championship now.»

N Nuen said in an interview: «I have passed the phone with him, and there are also text messages. Basic chat is the topic outside the football. This kind of thing is very miserable, this is really not a small accident. Everyone is What is wrong with it (Pierre — Paul lost), thinks how he should do it, take your thoughts out. But Pierre — Paul faces, it is not a small thing, The past is very difficult. «

Jordan asked: «Is there a better quadrant? You told me how many passes in the history of NFL more than 5,000 yards.» A total of nine four-guards in the history of NFL reached this achievement season. Bristed 5 of them.

Stafford almost first in the history of the history of the male lion. At present, he has pushed 4,5109 yards, reached 282, and two ranks of the league history No. 16. The average passed average 273.4 yard rankings History 4th, row in Patrick Mahomes, Drew Bris (Drew Bris (Drew Brees) and Andrew Luck.

Fürtz will not be the first athlete who has epilepsy but performs excellent performance on the NFL. Football Star Beene Alan Fanneca took medication throughout the career to control seizures. In 2007, the Samari Rolle of Baltimore, Samari Rolle, had three major seizures in front of the doctor’s guidance, absent six games.

This year’s snap-in Saint Santed the Joseen Adrian Peterson, which means they want to reduce Bris’s burden. If the two future celebrities can continue to maintain the peak level, the Saints will have the most powerful attacks at the same time.

Saints still vulnerable in the defensive group, especially in the line guards and passing the ball, so if they want to return to the playoffs since 2013, they need the offensive group to lead them forward.

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