Tiger line Wei Buffet is expelled from the referee conflict with the refereeCincinnati Mason Line Wei Feng Taiz — Burfict) was expelled from the 20-24 lost in Tennessee Titan due to conflicts with the referee.

Bolfkot conflicts with the referee after trying to hold Titan Swan Marcus Marcus Mariota. He was blown by non-sports moral behavior and was expelled. In the 2nd gear defensive, he was blown by the impact of Demarco Murray because of the impact of Demarco Murray.

Crow team female fans are ignorantLatonya Jones was once he was divorced immediately after she saw her husband’s evil. She feels that she is strong for her child. But this matter did not affect her worship of Ray Rice. She will continue to support Les. Jones said: «It has been banned, and now it is too much. This is too much. Rice also rely on this job to support the family. I am not free to vent, it is wrong, but I can’t be dismissed because of this. He. We don’t have a private life of others. I believe that there are also other team members have similar precautions, just not caught. Can’t just because they caught it, it will not let people continue to play. «

Kevis Reed, General Manager of Skytak, said: «We are disappointed with this series of events. The skylark and CFL provide countless support for strengthening, but he is unable to follow the terms of our contract. We with The Union is agency, providing Strong Ni to choose, but he is not willing to continue. «

Catanzaro was 29 years old, and last year, he fed home all the season. He has signed a contract with the jet in March 2019, but declares decided in August 2019. The direct cause of retirement is probably three days ago, and the additional shooting door is not in the presence of the giant.

Katanzaro used to fight for the Rock, jet, pirate, pantop panther, and fight for five years in NFL. The 77 regular sessions of the war, Catanzaro 142 arbitrarily shot 119 (83.8%), the longest-lived 60 yards. 16 times 50 yards above the shooting of the shot, Cathanzaro hit 10 times. He has 182 times (92.9%) in 196 additional shooting destinations.

Green Bay Packaging Wire Bath Preston — Smith (Preston Smith) became the best defensive player in China. This player who added a package in this year’s break in the team’s 21-17 defeated Denver’s wild horse. He obtained 3 killing once forcing the ball. This is his first performance in the 5 years.

Philadelphia eagle came to the devil away challenge Seattle Hawks. After the game started, the main team first entered the state, recently added a new show, CJ-Pross, C. J. Prosise, in the team offense, to achieve a decline. Before the end of the first competition, the eagle finally had the opportunity to advance the half, but they rely on the short pass and the ball steadily stabilized and eventually passed by the quartz Wentz, and the Carson Wentz. (Zach Ertz) acquisition 4 yards. However, the Hawks who started cheap jerseys From china this 8 yards could not stop. They have repeatedly completed the number of large numbers, and finally quasi-Wilson (RUSSELL WILSON) long passed 35 yards to near-end HMG-Glaham ( Jimmy graham is completed. After the end of the eagle offense, Wilson’s 2 long passed the 60 yards, but the Hawk did not continue to advance before the eagle reached the area, and only 3 points by shooting. After entering the second half, the eagle faces the Habi defensive group still has no way. Wenz second passed the call, and the Haiye used this opportunity to attack from the midfield. After successfully advanced to the eagle red area, the Hawks made a trick attack. Wilson took the ball to the external hand of the ball from him, and the Doug Baldwin ran in the Dove area. After Baldwen scored the ball to the Wilson running to Dhane District, the latter fish was completed. Wilson became the second single game of Haiying’s history and completed the ball reached the ball and the ball. In the fourth quarter, the Haiye also hit a free kick, pulling the score gap to 19 points. However, the eagle did not give up. They launched a smooth offense in the fourth quarter, and finally Wenz passed the top of Dorial Green-Beckham to obtain 5 yards. But then they will no longer break through the Hawks and defense. The Hawks will win the game at 26-15. The eagle 4-point Weiwen 45 passed 35 successfully obtained 218 yards 2 times to 2 times twice passed. Haiying quartz Wilson 31 passed 18 successfully achieved 272 yards 1 time, and external handle Bao Dewen went to 104 yards.

From the earlier team, there is one of the unbeatened teams to eat a wave of 4-losing defeat, the northern Northern Minnesota Viki is facing Arizona, who is struggling for the outer card seat. Arizona. Viking people got a lead in the first wave of attack, SAM BRADFORD, External Hand Adam Thielen, turned to jumped the ball. However, the red sumcore immediately responded, after they successfully advanced to Viking 1 code line, David David Johnson Middle Road Washproof. Then, the red scitch has taken the lead in the shooting of any random shot, but the Viking people have successfully advanced from Bradford, and the Matt Asiata is completed in the final hit and obtains 1 yard. The ball reaches the ball. The red tattoo must be very smooth, and the excellent kickback is coming to let them start from the middle field, and they have been steadily advanced to the Red District of Viking. However, when the Viking 9 yard line faces the three-speed 9 yards, the red scitch four-point guard, and his pass was Wi-Raise-Rhodes ( Xavier rhodes) In the reachable area, the latter has a 20-yard copy to return to the 100 yard copy. However, Palmer has not been hit by this mistake, he immediately reorganizes a wave of attacked, and finally he shortally passed to the close-end Fengjiemein-Gream, the latter broke through the whole way. 29 code. The red tick is only 3 points after the end of the half. However, the first half of the red tones were suddenly hit, and the CORDARRELLE PATTERSON was taken from 104 yards to attack. After that, the red scitch has always tried to fight against the rebellion, but the second time Parmer was passed by Rhodes, the game Palm was passed to the Rodes, but the quadruption was 0.0. This CCC has the opportunity to expand the score gap by any basketball shot. In the fourth section, Bradford was killed and killed, and the red scitch grabbed the ball and launched an offense in Viking. They did not waste this opportunity, and finally passed by Palmer to run to Johnson 4 yards. But although the rumming is reduced to 1 to 1 reachabitation, they will be difficult to rewrite the score. In the end, Viking 30-24 defeated the rickets. The red scitch quartz, 8th shot, 20 times successful, 38 times, successfully obtained 2 times, 2 times, pass the passed, running David — Johnson 22 sho, get 103 yards, 1 time, the ball get 57 The code is 1 time. Viking people quad-shun Bradford 28 passed 20 times successfully achieved 169 yards 1 time.

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