But Lei is fortunate to partner with Miller, and the latter often attracts the opponent double wrap. At the time of passing the ball, the opponents will be placed on Miller. The first young player in the past is not so good.

«I am ready to go all out. I won’t say that I have always made it all my best. I’m in the past, I will finally be good for both sides. It is not too surprising & hellip; & hellip; I feel some Free, this year, I think you can use the talent and ability to use it. «

Terrek Hill: Take harmonious training after super bowlIn the last super bowl, the chieftain 31-9 did not have a pirate, the defending trial was not successful. This has also become the driving force of Travis Kelce, and the same idea, and Tyreek Hill.

Because of the absence of the injury more than a month, it has become a difficult task instead of a future celebrities. Taking into account the playing method of his position & mdash; & mdash; rushing hands requires hand tips & mdash; & mdash; and he suffered from wrist injuries, you can think that he will restore full efforts in the start of the season and more difficult.

Lei Ji Sai replaces Wil’s first 8 games, and won 8 kills 48 times in a total of 16 games, but the 2017 season will be his first time to have the first time. He received a teammate von Miller and T. J. Ward, he won the praise of Von Miller and T. J. Ward.

Patriots take over Endlman to participate in baseball batting trainingJulian EDELMAN is recovering from the second foot surge accepted by less than a year, but his performance in Fenwei Park indicates that his recovery is taken in the correct direction.

Tak Charlton: Will go all out in the chiefThe defensive end Tak-Charlton, Taco Charlton, swearing that he will contribute the best performance in the Kansas City chief, and may even have anything to do before cowboy and dolphins.

The division of 22 points is also the maximum difference between Patrick Mahomes as the first four-point guard. Hill said, «Training» in the abnormal effort after the global «, the goal is to let the chief enter the super bowl in the third year of a consecutive bowl.

Two days ago, Mercles maintains the performance of Carl in front of the reporter, will not score and defensive struggle navigate to this web-site summarize the overall of the raid, not the Quele of the Karl. Grunette also expounds the same point of view.

Major progress in the negotiation of new banned drugsThe NFL Alliance is negotiated with the NFL Players Association on the new banned drug management regulations. The result of negotiations has made great progress and close to the agreement. The guild is scheduled a contact meeting to finally finalize the new agreement. The representatives of all 32 teams have expressed their associated notices and admitted the existence of the meeting. At the same time, the player will be very likely to be approved to participate in the proposal and vote. The agreement has not been officially finalized, but relevant people generally believe that all this may be set in 1 to 2 weeks.

Grunette said: «As I said before, I think Karl is a very good player, and also respects his achievements, and his adjustment under difficult conditions. I will not pay all the media rumors, I will only listen With my rock record, I continue to work. I like Carl doing things. He brought a positive impact on the team, I can’t wait a team around him. «

A consistent content includes:

1. In terms of marijuana detection, use more active and more and more high thresholds, and reach a unified standard in all parts of the country. The reason for improving standards is that the current cannabis has higher drug efficacy, which makes some players to abuse marijuana for some so-called «positive» purposes.

2. The «Apherdy» «Apherdy» that is attracting attention during the tour will take it from the banned list.

3. Immediately carry out whether the player is detected using growth hormone. The player is allowed to appeal on the test results.

4. Re-assess the relevant penalties implemented in the 2014 season.

According to the relevant guild, in the discussion of Monday night, the conversations between the two sides have achieved great progress, and there are still some differences. Differences are mainly related to the current drug use index and banned varieties. A number of players said that the representative will not pay for some policy provinces. Among them, the new government issued by the recent alliance: Once the player is discovered, the drug is not implemented, and the ban is not implemented. In addition, both parties have basically reached in other ways. The views of both parties will also be included in the new agreement after consolidation.

NFL Player Association Note Eric Winston said: Monday afternoon, the Executive Committee member Brian Waters and Tom Depaso will be in New York The alliance launched a meeting discussion and will continue to complete the meeting on Tuesday.

In the best case, Ray in 6 weeks rehabilled the season to catch up with the season of Los Angeles lightning. The worst case is that he returns before the third week of the matchfarobier. No matter which situation, he is in the case where there is not many season preparatory preparations.

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