For a long time, Rogers Cromuri is more beneficial to giants. Despite less than Eli Apple and Janoris Jenkins, Cheap Jerseys he may be the best corner of the season. The giant gave the opponent to pass nearly 400 yards in the 23-10 defeated Denver’s wild horse.

This ban looks that the giants that have been in trouble have encountered greater trouble. After opening 5 games, the giant season, it has no hope, wholesale nfl jerseys the giant season has no hope after the star outside the game. «Odell Beckham Jr.). McCadu and Rogers Kromidi are not one of the problems of the dressing room.

Falcon kicks the ball, Branet, back injury, not participating in training

Falcon will hopes that Bye Week will restore health, but things are willing to violate, and their injuries reports more than a name.

The new contract still includes $ 750,000 average list bonus, and the total amount of excitation bonus is raised from the original highest $ 2 million to US $ 3.75 million. The salary space occupied by Lynch is 5.943 million US dollars to $ 54.43 million.

Justin Durant, has 11 seasons of career experience, this season is his second season in Dallas, his commentary for Smith is «it becomes very special, like a hound dog. Have a very terrible battle instinct. «

Although the data for each shock into 3.9 yards is the lowest since 2008, the competition video shows his speed, explosive power, and change ability have returned in the mid-December mid-December. Unlike other old running guards like Morice Jones-Drews and Steven Jackson, Bush can still help a creative coach to use their own Speed, agile, and multi-faced hand.

After a 10-year-old code of the new height of your personal career through the mushroom and the ball, Bush was only 297 yards. His teammate Qiao Yike — Bell (Joique Bell) bear most of the responsibility rushed the ball, but Theo — Riddick (Theo Riddick) is often replaced by Bush as the ball-type running back.

According to NBC media reports, Linqi recommends the contract before the big list bonus settlement, accepts $ 500,000 to pay in the team. Lynch’s bottom salary has dropped from $ 4 million to $ 2.5 million, of which 1 million is settled in the form of a big list bonus, and the bottom salary is full.

The 29-year-old Bush will reach $ 3.25 million next season, and he has performed poorly in the 2014 season because of being trapped in ankle injury. This layoff means that he is not willing to accept the salary to stay in the lion.

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