Basic season, due to the injury of leg gluters, I missed the first two games and just completed the ball in the first two games after returning. After that, he returned to the best lineup level player, especially in the four-point Wei Tom Bradi, returned from four banquets. When Geloski could not play, Martellus Bennett showed excellent.

There are 5 modern players attending the selected ceremony, respectively, STEVE ATWATER, External Hands, ISAAC Bruce, Padd Steve Haminson (Steve Hutchinson), EDGERRIN JAMES, Safe Polamalu; 2 coaches Bill Cowher and Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Johnson Three outstanding contributors Steve Sabol, Paul Tagliabue, George Young.

General Manager of Ram: The team is expected to use a privileged label for any playerAlthough there are several candidates worth using the privileged player label, the Los Angeles ram seems to use the label for any players who will enter the free player market.

Haiwu Debei has only 3 shots 33 yards last year. He was taken away at the first round of the first round of the first round of the seventh time, and this speed outline has never reached the expectation, and the raid is only 517 yards in average. He transferred to the Pony, and he added a bottom salary last year.

After Sunday training, Geloski said: «Some people defended more than one person running the route, I am more interesting, and I have opened the defender in front of them, and I started a bit like the game. Rewick sometimes gives me one Dotting down, forcing me to deviate from my own running route, which makes me recover faster. «

As the celebrities canceled, cowboy and steel people’s training camps were postponed until the same as other teams, starting at the end of July. The currently identified training camp is July 28, but this day has also needed the NFL management to meet the meeting.

NFL officially declares that many plans started with regular season in the 2020 season. The cancellation of the Hall of Fame may be the first step in the shortening season, but the official still solves the difficulties and hidden dangers of the game in the epidemic.

This two-wheeled university studied in UCLA. It has grown into a full-awaited machine in the American tiger array. In the past two seasons contributed 197 times, 4.5 times, 4 times destroyed pass and 1 copy . Although Jack University has a hidden danger of knee injuries during the University, it is full of full-length in the first three seasons.

«As of today, (we) is expected to not use the label, but there are still some time from the deadline, and the ultimate is because there are some time, you may have some data to get some data to use the label. Snide said.

This renewal contract also enables Jack at the inner guard position only in Bobby Wagner and CJ-Mosley (C.J.mosely), and is the highest pay in the player in the player. Prior to renewal, the basic salary of Jack’s new show last year was only $ 13.14 million.

Overseas Wei Xiandante-Fuller (Dante Fowler Jr.), defensive end Michael Brockers, line 卫 科 利 利 利 利) 和 和 和 和 和 和 卫 卫 卫 迈 迈 布 卫 卫 端 卫 卫(Greg Zuerlein) is the most important player in the male array that is about to enter the free market.

American Tiger and Line Weares — Jack Contains for 4 yearsBeijing September 1, the cheap nfl jerseys from China TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the American tiger and line Wearen Jack renewed for four years, the contract value of 57 million US dollars, of which 3300 Wan Dime is guaranteed.

Cancellation of the 2020 Hattle, the selected ceremony is postponedAccording to NFL TV reporter Ian Rapople, the Hall of Fame will be announced today that the name of the Dallas Cowburg and Pittsburgh, which is originally scheduled to be held on August 6, due to the epidemic Forced cancellation. In addition, the celebration ceremony originally scheduled to be held on August 8 will be postponed until 2021.

Braddy and Redis help Gronoski adjustment to returnTime value patriots prepare the second episode, star close-edge Yabo-Gronoski is preparing to return to the training, he has received several big friends in the process of rehabilitation after knee surgery. He and Breddy practiced the ball on the sidewalk, star angle, Darrelle Revis.) «Defensive», of course, is not in contact. This is a good training before Gronoski prepares it.

Is it asked if Revis is just blocked, and in the new team does not work, Geloski replied: «This is a basic practice for me, but he can feel it now. He is just giving me now. A little defensive pressure, in fact, he will practice the attack and defense with me after my return. «These basic training makes Gronzki and Braddy more tacit.

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