Close-end Edane Antonio — Gates Hope 2019 stay in Lightning

During the game on Sunday to the patriots, the Near Terminal Antonio-Gates completed his career second playoffs. He doesn’t want this to be his last career.

After 28-41, Gates told reporters: «I don’t want to take this bitter away. After returning, Hunter Henry returns, if you add Jason Verrett & Hellip; & hellip; Dry, the team prospects are bright, I hope that I am still one of them. Of course, I finally decided to consider a variety of factors, I think it is useless. «

Ramseck has maintained an extremely excellent performance since the Joining the Alliance. He was selected for a while in 2019. In 2018, the best lineup was selected in 20020. His contract will enter the last year, salary is 11.064 million US dollars. According to the distribution of specific contract salary, the saints can also take the salary space to further add a large list.

Saint players entering the league with Ramseck, also include Alvin Kamara, Marshon Lattimore, Safety, Marcus — Williams ( Marcus WiliLams) and defensive end — Hendrickson (Trey Hendrickson). Among them, Kamara has renewed with the team last year, and Hendriksen signed a contract with the Tiger this year. Rati Moles and Williams may become the next player with Saints.

Cossins’ fashion performance in the 2015 season, he replaced the last 16-game Robert Griffin III, completed 4166 yards, 29 reaches and 11 times Dip, the quarterfielding points reached the best history of 101.6.

At this age, Gates’ speed is no longer fast, but he still has the ability to get rid of defense and complete the key three-speed conversion. This season, Gates completed 28 battles, promoted 333 yards, reached 2 times. When the 3 file is short, he is one of the most trusted players in Phillip Rivers.

The player will expire or perform a new crown inspection every three days.

US time Monday, wholesale Nfl Jerseys players will say that in order to cope with new crown epidemics, the players may receive an examination every three days. If the results are positive, the player will be isolated.

The player’s spokesperson said: «We are trying to complete the draft, a draft we think will be useful. But the most basic thing, we will try to make rugby to adapt to the environment in the epidemic, not in turn.»

On Wednesday, the United States is officially announced, and Ryan Ramczyk is renewed for 5 years with the best lineup level. According to ESPN reporters, the 2015 of the five years includes $ 96 million salary, of which 60 million is guaranteed. This contract also makes Ramseck a total of the highest salary right of the League, and the previous record is maintained by Ren Johnson (18 million US dollars / year).

Drafter Rice’s busty problem, this running guard is 29 years old, there is no number of NFL running guards can still remain in a good state at 30 years old, which is also the reason why most teams don’t dare to sign him.

ESPN reporter US Term Tuesday, Washington Red Leather has notified that they will use privilege labels. This decision is advantageous for the short-term team of Cesins. This 27-year-old quarter-off will receive less than 20 million US dollars in the 2016 season.

Listening, Lisis gave the rookie of the crow to tell how to get a better life, he also as a speech appeared in the West Time Siki University, let people think that he is ready to end your career to do something else.

It is reported that the advancement of the team’s contract negotiation negotiation negotiations in the team and Cosins will not be smooth. Since he will become a free player next week, the red skin has to lock him to ensure the stability of the next season.

& mdash; & mdash; The 11th week of the «Los Angeles battle», Donald’s battle, Donald completed 2 remembers and 8 times, and the two princes were copying the hands of Mahms. The ball, the situation is completely in a disadvantage, the hard-ease passed the two ball translation to take the two remembers!

Why can Donald can do it? The first is that his body and talent have determined his difference. He has only 185 cm. Many corner guards are not here, but the height is highly low, he can do not because of the fight against the strike High and lost gravity, it is Donald’s shape, and the other side can only go back and retreat; second Donald only 280 pounds (127 kg), almost only more than a lot of 4-3 defensive ends must be a little bit, the show is defined as defined «Small defensive cutout (undersize dt), lighter weight plus fierce explosive power, this makes him the first step quickly, please pay attention! Donald can achieve this achievement today, and to a large extent, Donald has to rely on this worldless first step. Finally, he completed 35 push in the sleeve project in the joint training camp, which means that his upper limb strength is very developed, and it can attack his opponent with its fastest steps.

Donald also questioned the identity of the world when the first defender do? Perhaps he won the Lombardi’s first career Cup in two months, maybe he will break the record of numerous defensive tackles, perhaps a few years later, he would wear that all who cherished football yellow jacket.

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