«… this video allows the crow coach John — Habbao feel shocked, according to the source of the organizational internal source», ESPN reports, «the super bowl champion coach urged his boss to cut Rus, especially the ball. The team has proved that Rice did the evidence of fist …. But Habao’s suggestion to cut this sixth veteran soon soon be used by the crow management (holder Steve Biqiotti) ), The team president Dick Cass and the team manager Ozzie newsome) vetoed. «

This is not good news about Ross that is interested in shame. Compared with the previous seasons, this year, his performance is very good: the number of balls is column 10 (328), and the number of buses reacted is columns in paragraph 9 (3).

Quartz Majombus: Focus on winning the super bowl in front of you and is not the total number of champions

Patrick Mahomes may consider whether their championships can be considered to be Tm Brady in the future.

John Hubble: I have never requested it immediately.

The Baltimore Crow published a response from ESPN’s statement about Ray Rice. Adhering to «Open, Justice, Fans, Supporters, Tickets, and Public», wholesale nfl Jerseys the crow refutes to the article to mention the coach John Harbaugh in Jojes February Immediately after arresting, he urged the trick.

«We won’t put your eyes so far. I am paying attention to this game. I strive to win the second super bowl of champion, I hope to get ridicon cup and get the second champion ring. But if I ended your career I got a lot of super bowls of championships, I will be very happy. «

TJ Ward: The media did not give the wild horse resisted group

Last Danfo wild horse rely on their strong defensive winning super bowl, this defensive group was highly praised and considered to be one of the best defensive teams in history.

«The goal is to win the super bowl of champion as much as possible and can enter the super bowl every year.» Mahmus was asked to get 10 times in the super bowl in the super bowl of Brady at the end of his career. Answered when you achieve satisfaction. «I will have such a mentality every time I am playing. I have worked back to the super bowl and I work hard to win the super bowl.»

Mahms and Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49 people to win in the super bowl last year. Breddy will usher in the 10th Super Bowl of your personal. He won 6 champions in the previous 9 superblocks. There are more than 4 times in other four-point guards.

The last season of the horses, the first code limit team, the fourth of the league, restricted the players scored by the opponent, they completed 14 copy, four of them completed returned to the run, they handed over 52 Siwu killed, and Ward serve as two killicits of safety, Ward believes that the team’s copy and copying of the team can also have improved, and he analyzes the shortcomings of the team. .

Falcon Manager confident can complete the renewal of Dravant Fremoman

Devonta Freeman frankly was the top running guards of the league, and it seems that Atlantian Fematch is also thinking, and ready to continue to pay him.

But the player TJ Ward believes that the media did not give a defensive group enough respect, he said: «It seems that many media are doing this, we still have to be respected. We hope to be better than last year, this is what we want to do Our defensive coordinator did not leave, we can easily find the status of last year and continue. «

The 25-year-old Fremman completed the 1078 yards and 11 reachables in the last season, and helped the team to advance to the super bowl, and will usher in the last year of our own rookie contract, next season You can get 1.8 million US dollars.

When the Falcon manager was interviewed by the radio, the team will run to the 2nd professional bowl, «as I said before, we hope that he is here, he is an important member of the team, Don’t care about the super bowl, people will prepare for some discussion and some decisions. He is a good person, especially his character, he is a very competitive player, he is It is very fighting on the court. This is for our most important things. We hope that he will continue to stay here, we have confidence that we can complete the negotiation. «

But why Ward will feel unresponsive? He said: «Maybe they feel that we don’t have to play according to their preferences, all this is more like entertainment.» This answer has recently appeared in several wild horse interviews, maybe they should try to transform their minds.

Habo said that the fact is not this: «After seeing the first video, I didn’t ask for the team to cut Res,» Habue statement, «I was really shocked by the videotape, and I told people to be truthful When I saw the second video tape, I immediately felt that we should cut off the Les. «

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