Perp still needs to be officially signed by medical examination. In addition, wild horses are also planned to disconnect the Dennis Kelly on Wednesday, Cameron Fleming and Bobby Massie. Before the week, Ja & Rsquo; Wuan James was tearing, the offensive front line of the wild horse accidentally bloomed, which also made them have to start looking for alternatives.

Clark said in an interview: «I did not give up anything, I still drink carbonated drinks, I know I should not have done, but I drink a lot and I also ate a lot of candy, all this is part of my diet, help me It reached the level of the NFL, so I will not give up. «

Dolphins is considering replacing the main four-point guard

The performance of Miami Dolphins in the past three weeks must make quadruple Ryan Tannehill, such as Ryan Tannehill. Now, he can’t guarantee that he can debut on the London competition of the Auckland raid this week. According to NFL official website, the team may replace Tanny Hill with Matt Moore and will make a final decision before the team. When asked questions and related questions, the Dolphin coach Joe-Fisin (Joe Philbin) flashed his words: «I will make a decision before the plane.»

Clark said: «I feel in the game only a few stalls ball I started to feel tired, it should be me, when I was in college when I was 260-pound continuous play 8-speed and feeling great, so I’m going back feeling of the past. «

As a rookie last season, he surrendered three quarterback sack of data, in order to be able to next season more accelerated rate, recently Clark 15 to 20 pounds of weight loss, but the surprise is that the weight loss at the same time he still drinking carbonated beverages, eating candy.

According to the news of the New York Daily, Manogord’s retired teammates said that the giants expressed their interest in Manogord during mid-March. Currently confirmed that both parties hope to reach a contract.

If the dolphins decide to replace the quarterfield, it is undoubtedly a blow to Tanny Hill. Fisin has always emphasized that it is necessary to let the best players participate in the competition. It is reported that the dolphins will decide whether to make adjustments on Monday. As a substitute, molar is a reliable supplement. Although Tanny Hi is not stable enough, it is really surprising to replace it in the season. Currently, the entire offensive group, of course, also includes Tanny Hill, and the new attack coordinator is still in the milling period. Lazzo himself expressed optimism to Tannyhill in an interview. Razi believes that Tanny Hill does not need to panic, and believe that he can continue: «Not! Just as I will continue to serve as the offensive coordinator! There is no doubt!» At present, the season is only on the 4th week, the dolphins have to have to Make such a major decision, I hope they can find the right solution.

Summary: Mary signing offensive cut off Rilane-Pope

US time on Tuesday, according to Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters reported that the wild horses signed a young attack in Ryan Pope after the trial. Purp last season is the cost of packaging, but did not get an opportunity to play.

HC, there is no suspension of defensive looseness and critical juncture, facing the god of love bean, there is no challenge, there is a young person, the scene is young, the scene is not ink, the coach is not able to do, this is troublesome NS. At 21:0, excited like Pete Carroll, the incentive ability of people seems to have never learned a few. In HC / OC / DC, the only year-old Richard Smith is an overhead DC. The last session of the regular season, the egg konk is self-defense, the effect is good, defended back, but the HC’s body is forgotten, BB is still not giving up 18 in half, and the falcon’s falcon has last 57 seconds There is also a hammer sound, escape the chance of shame, but unfortunately, there is no confidence in the heart. When a bodny said, when I guess the coin, I fell in love with three, I got RYAN. The momentum is already.

Where is the difference? I am like the previous season, almost simply use Man Coverage (more physical strength relative to zone), and only rely on DL three to four people, there is no change in STUNT. BLITZ is very good, this is very effective in the first half, but the second half is not good, the defensive ratio of Screen is a grade, and the CB is going to make up the Screen and the anti-running of the two sides.

Ok, amazing facts come, my fatal mistake of my offensive group is the passage of the third file! The whole game I love five times (3 times in the second half), four times from the third gear (including the fall), directly destroy the critical file, the only exception? Yes, the last round of attack, returned to 35 yard lines, that is the second file, 2 files 11 turn into 2 files 23, 3 geke, send a deadly Holding.

The entire game, the offensive group only took 23 minutes, complete offensive got 2 reached, after the other party lost a reach, red area 3/3, can be described as a masonry, but see the second half and Drive Summary, remove the third Tevin Coleman brought the ball, the remainder of the next half of the offense only got three first attack (all the last five minutes of the regular time), three three-speed out of the game, including Freeman, the Miss Block caused by Ryan Ball (by everyone thinks is a competency drop point). In addition to the new show near the end of Hooper, the bad performance of the offensive front line is the responsibility, «the chief sinner» is a left truncation Jake Matthews, his two Holding (the last round of the third quarter, 2 gear 1 The code becomes 2 gear 11; the fourth quarter, the last five minutes of 3 file 23 is the opportunity to enter the range of the range), and the opportunity to let me love the chance of love.

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