Richardson himself said: «You are very easy to be lazy in NFL, not everything on your schedule, unlike all things in the University of Alabama, let us Learning together, all of your own time in NFL is your own. «

Brown has also become a player who has completed 1500 yards above the fifth consecutive season. If he can complete 1600 yards to catch the ball before the end of the season, he will become a history of the second border of 1600 or more.

Paxton Lynch is backed up and eventually leads the team to win in 27-7. In the tactical system of Kuboyk, Lynch demonstrates strong arm strength, calm mentality and good exercise. Lindchi finally won 170 yards 1 time in 14 times.

Cowboy Run Eriore is rated as the best new show in PFWA

There is no suspense, Dallas Cowboy’s Runwiqi Jie Eliott is rated as the best new show in 2016 (PFWA) by the occupational American Football Writers Association (PFWA).

As Richardson himself said that he has a problem with the spirit of this work, the rookie season has completed 950 yards and 1 reach, and he became a free player in the 2015 season, and his weight has been growing. This seriously affects his speed and footsteps, don’t forget that he has completed 4.48 seconds of data at 40 yards when the draft.

Bosa was chosen as the best defensive new show but did not remember it, Cheap nfl Jerseys because she missed the first four games in the season, and finally completed 10.5 times of four-point guard, and was rated as a league 5th rush by PFF. Do handle.

The steel man has made very good for the team attack and defense across the team in recent seasons. The offensive group has reached the level of the league, and the defensive group is also in steadily. The only hidden danger is the body state of «big book», he has been hurt in the game many times in the game, and the Subject 2 points Guandri-Jones has proven to be more difficult, so how The health of «Big Ben» is now the problem that the steel man needs to pay attention to.

Lynch’s stable manifestation This may let Kubik choose him as the first. However, Kubiak is still willing to choose West Mi’an. After taking a more conservative competition in the first two games, Ximeian exhibited its own long history in the third week and the fourth week.

cheap Nfl jerseys TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that the handsome position of McCarti is safe according to the information of the informed people. But there is a person who knows «» need to make some changes. «

The most obvious change may be a bad season to play the cowboy defensive group under the defensive group and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. They ranked alliance bottoms in the union (393 points) and opponents (2014 yards), and the opponent’s average of each offensive code (5.9 yards) is the sixth difference between the league, and only 11 times. It is the fourth lesson of the league.

Kevin Colbert, Kevin Colbert, said in an interview with ESPN: «Datun, there is no doubt is the team’s signboard, can lead the team to win the four-point bathroom. Not much, I am glad that there is such a four-defense in our team. I think he is at least three to four seasons. We are looking forward to what he still surprises, we will do our utmost Fully help him achieve success. «

General Manager of Steel Man: «Big Ben» is still three to four years

Pittsburgh Steelman Quarter-Roethlisberger has ushered in the most peak of career in the past two seasons. He has reached 65.7% over the past two years, and the total number of ball codes is as high as 8890 yards. On average of each attempt to get 8.3 yards at a time, there are more than 53 pass to reach, and only 25 times of passing is only 25 times, and the state is very hot. Although «Big Ben» is 34 years old, this performance allows the team’s high levels of confidence.

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