Nick Falls: The key to the four-point guard competition is not only to win

Recently, there is a rumor that the Xiong team will quit season, and the fans are in the fans, and the Falls himself come out to clarify.

«Just say that you want to win, it is useless. Need to be prepared for winning every day, whether it is training, warm-up before training, or the implementation of tactics. I can’t think of it, I think myself. To do it, but neglect reading defense. «

Although Spartaho’s coaching background mainly guides the attack front line and the squid attack, he has served as the Dalp Parcells as the Dallas Coach coach as a 2 season near the near-end harmonic coach. Trent Baalke worked in Pasilles, which was a jet in 1998-2000 in Pasilles.

Ingram will compete with the first position of the second-year outside Yakami-Hemith, and the first side has occupied T.J.Watt. In addition to these two people, the main outer line of the steel man is only Kasius Marsh and the six-wheeled Quinche.

Breddy is no longer a 23-year-old time, but his patriots he led is still a team of fighting power in the alliance, and he is also a member of the Future Hall. Age may just be a number to Bradi, since he just landed in NFL has been 14 years since he just landed in Cheap Nfl Jerseys, and he has always maintained a belief and sharpening his own technology.

Falls said: «I think (four-point guard) is the most critical thing to pay only attention to winning. Should pay attention to doing yourself on the court. When tactics are decided, I will play my best performance.»

Taking into account the team star close-end Mum Fron Davis Davis is still in the array and is expected to reach $ 4.7 million next season. Steprano is responsible for stimulating the players who have selected professional bowls. Bounce.

Although the training time of the sniper is greatly reduced, Falls believes that the bear team and the Eagle’s offensive system have a similar situation. The current Xiong Team coach Matt-Nagy, from Andy REID, and Reid used the eagle coach, Falls experienced the offensive system of Reid.

According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Spartrano will become a close-edge coach of 49 people in San Francisco. After the replacement of Dennis Allen, the alternator of Dennis Allen was led to the team to win 3 wins and 9 losses, Sparano, the final candidate of the raid, did not win in the competition last week. Jack Del Rio, Jack Del Rio, Jack Del Rio.

Antonio — Brown apologized for his own field

Pittsburgh Steelman’s External Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) made a temper in the battle between Baltima Crow on Sunday, but he didn’t realize his mistake after the game, until the head coach and team quit The gas has expressed his disappointment.

Brown is dissatisfied in the competition is that he has a 64-size long-distance open chance, but this is not found to find him with the Ben Roethlisberger. So he patted a ice bucket and he hit a palm of the passing coach. When some reporters asked him, Brown said this is his passion, just like the children look forward to Christmas. Ben and the head coach Mike Tomlin expressed the dissatisfaction with Brown, and a front teammate pointed out that Brown is a selfish player always puts his own interests before the team.

The Black Panther still did not decide this week to send an running guard.

Carolina Panthers running back several main rotation are injured, coach Ron — Rivera (Ron Rivera) said he was still uncertain who will be in the starting lineup this week in an interview.

Original starting running 卫 德安 吉吉 姆 w d) 由于 卫 卫 麦 卫 卫 病 病 病 病 病 卫 病 病 卫 病 麦 卫 卫 麦 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 短 病 短The reserve list will be absent in the next few weeks. And another Jonathan Stewart, due to the knee injury, there is also questions this week, Rivira said he will decide whether Stewart is on the game before the game. If Stext can come out, then he will be absolutely The main running guards, that is, the ground offensive responsibilities will be shared by Darrin Reeves and Fozzy Whittaker and Chris Ogbonnaya.

Big magic king Braddy opened the longevity

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots team, has proved that he is one of the best quarters. However, he is 37 years old, almost the idea of thinking that the career is about to end the scenery or retirement. This year, his first quarter, in the first quarter, 13 times in the evening, in order to prove that he did not decline due to age growth.

This season’s black leopard’s ground attack is disappeared, and it is not as strong as it last season. The average can only rush out of 71 yards per game, and the column countdown is fourth. Even if Stetturt is complete, he does not let the fans can rest assured this season.

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