Before the draft, General Manager Dave Gettleman said that it is necessary to become quad-saving in New York. The four-point guard of the New York team also requires a thick face and ignore the ability to ignore criticism. Jones looks like this.

This season, Levi only appeared very limited number of powers, then chose to treat the injured hips in October. The 28-year-old line guards obviously take longer to restore their injuries. The lion has been difficult to have in this season. I hope that the new Levi led the lion defensive group to come backwards next season.

Exposure to the sheep 2 years ago to pick Sam to avoid «tough trace camp»

In the 2014 Wholesale Nfl Jerseys draft, the ram of St. Louis was also selected in the seventh round of Michael Sam, and he became a gay player in the union of the union.

The process of declaring the reality of the Ram to Los Angeles next season will be the theme of the new season «tough training camp» next season. «We look forward to this opportunity, which will be a great story this summer,» Fisher said.

Tuesday, Tuesday, the lions announced that the team’s best defensive players in the team were placed in the injury reserve list, which means that Levi’s 2015 season has ended in advance. Subsequently, the lions announced that James-Michael Johnson entered the list of 53 people.

Limit Bris’ training effort & mdash; & mdash; even on Thursday & mdash; & mdash; is a wise decision. The Saint Club hopes that Bris can keep the state to January or even the most important game in February.

«I understand this problem, many people have mentioned this question. I just think we have 16 games, this is different from basketball or baseball or even ice hockey. Every game is very valuable. I think it is the most It is important to change the workload of the training camp, even the training of the game, perhaps even the workload of training on Thursday. So we will control workload before the game, but will not do this in the regular season. «

Giants rookie quarter points Jones: don’t care about outside criticism

Beijing May 2, Daniel Jones In this year, the first round of this year was selected by the New York giant, and the criticism of the outside world was endless.

«I think it will not limit the time of the regular season,» Pedon said. «Of course, in training. In the past two years, Wednesday is a rest day. He let the arm rest. I know that he has not played in 5 weeks last year, and he is very good after he is backup.»

Si Daniel Jones Daniel Jones This game completed 21 times, promoted 244 yards, he also pushed 77 yards 7 times, reached once. The giant defensive group also pressed the back of the eagle in critical moments, twice forced the opponent to abandon kick, and made the eagle four gears failed.

The player cannot decide where to be selected. Deciding this is the team, and the team will bear the consequences of their choices. So although Jones caused this wave of slamming the tide, he is still not a criticized person.

In fact, rarely criticism is for Jones, more for Gatman who spends the draft capital that spends him, especially the entire snap-in, Titman is talking to Eli Manning (Eli Manning Sucker. Many experts think that Jones has an ideal body shape and his performance in the short attack makes him perfect for Pat Shurmur’s offensive system.

However, after the beginning of the second half, Tampa Bay completely broke the hope of the opponent. They got the ball 6 times before the second half, and won the game in the 7th time to win, how much eliminates the haze of last week.

Jeff Fisher said in the ESPN program on Thursday, «ridiculous and 100% mistake». He said: «We have three seventh rounds of draft. We selected Michael, he was the best player at the time. Who will feel that you will give up a draft to avoid this in your brain? Things & mdash; & mdash; so I think it will be good for the team. «

«I don’t pay much attention to these criticisms,» Jones said in an interview. «I think this is the key to serving as a four-guard and stable performance as a quartz. I don’t have to move the outside world. I think you are your confidence in your own, and your confidence comes from your own heart. I think if You are looking for confidence from the outside, then you will also be affected by negative evaluation. From your own body, you can find new and know as a player. As a person you can do, what you have confident is also the best to deal with this kind of thing. method.»

According to the news, the transaction of Thomas may have to occur on November 1, the deadline will happen. If Brown can’t find the right trading object, then Brown will choose to trade Thomas in the sniper.

Murray’s 32 times of the game were completed 22 times, reached once, was copied once, he also promoted 61 yards 11 times, reached 2 times. Hopkins completed 7 batches, pushed 127 yards, reached once. Kenyan Drake is 16 times, advanced 100 yards.

The lion will be put into the injury reserve list

The Detroit lion’s 2015 season is a bad, even if it is a defensive defense that has a first-class level of the league last season. Before the start of this season, the team and line Guide Andre Levy were agreed in a four-year contract, a contract worth $ 33.7 million. But it seems that this payment will not have any gains in this competition.

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