Denim is so cautious to treat Romo is made by two reasons, first of all, they don’t want him to return too early because his back injury is old injury. The second reason is that you will make him more intense between the competition between the four-point guard, this is also a cowgirl.

The first round of the ram is the first time to complete your career.

The first round of Greg Robinson is finally completed in the 49-person competition with San Francisco, and has completed the first time in the career. In the competition, he served as the left front, and Roger Saffold, which was responsible for this location, adjusted to the right, replaced the pilot of the top four games in the pass protection — Joseph Davin Joseph.

It is true, compared to Tom Savage, Watson has a more flexible footsteps, facing the pressure-sensing performance is more calm. However, Watson also needs to be improved, improved, and improved in terms of passage accuracy and timing choices.

[Texas people news delivery] Watson is really powerful?

The second week of regular season, the Texas retired in the home of Cincinnati Meng Hu. Texas people’s rookie quadrant DESHAUN WATSON fills the audience, a total of 24 trial passes, completed 125 yards, 45.9 points. And win the only one of the audience: Watson In the 3rd step 15 yards, Watson did not make the short-term «free» screen short pass tactics in the last season of Texas, but the left and right. Pocket, completed 49 code, he became a four-point guard in the history of Texas, completed the four-point guard in completing the number of mushrooms, and the first quarter of the NFL history, completed the rush The longest number of outlets.

Watson is better than Savage in terms of reading defense. In the first quarter 6 minutes and 13 seconds, before the ball, Watson reads the tiger to take multiplayer tactics, and call the offensive front line to focus protection, but when I found that I couldn’t effectively organize pocket protection, I called the last second second. Pause, showing the ability of time management. However, the defensive reading after the kicking, the first half Watson has no more pre-proposed ability to prevent the second line of the Tiger defense, and there is two times after twice, this should be traveled by the tiger. Forming a quadrature: first, the first section 6 minutes and 10 seconds, quickly transferred to the left to the left, and was steal by Meng Hu No. 21 and the second quarter; the second, the second quarter 11 points 08 seconds After kicking the ball, quickly zoom in hopkins on the left side, was steal up by Meng Hu No.24 Horn ADAM Jones. After that, Watson has more use of scattered gun array or false truth, avoid complex defensive reading. Although Watson can use foot walk to avoid the opponent’s defensive pressure, but compared to Watson, in a clean pocket, there will be problems with difficulties in the pocket, it seems that the passage of the pass is insufficient, and many times will wait until the ball If you turn it back, you will pass the ball, causing a long time, so that you are or killing, or the front window will be turned off again.

Brian Schottenheimer Brian Schottenheimer is a good value: «You have seen his performance, this is very good, he is making progress. We have made a new show through some young players. The growth takes time, especially for some children, the tactics they have learned in the school is very limited. I still have to say it again, Greg will become a very very excellent player in the alliance. «

This performance can be blown for a burst of & mdash; & mdash; at least be blowing to the end of the game next week. However, it is true that Watson is really amazing in the pot of Texas people offensive

Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, currently led the team to complete 8 wins and 1 negative record, obvious that the team management group has no reason to let him sit on the bench. Moreover, he once again completed the 319 yards in the 319-yard highlight performance.

Opening the first wave of attack, Watson shot twice, and the outer hand runs almost the same route, the same ball position, the same one-on-one defense, Watson first 2 files 6 yards, to the side line HOPKINS It is shifted, the second 3rd port 6 yards, passing to the side line B.Miller is also transmitted. The audience, Watson has 24 shots, only 6 10+ yards, try to pass, complete 2 times. Due to the lack of the support of near-end-end CJF, Watson completed 15 times in the audience, 6 times were completed to the running guard (L. Miller and Tyler Ervin). On the middle distance, Watson also needs to get more support and improvement.

Lion will trade the corner Digs to the sea eagle

This year, the lions steal Cheap Jerseys From China the free market to the former Haiying Horn Korman. US Time Tuesday, the lion «also gives» a second-line member of the Hawk.

According to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, the lions will take the first corner Diggs and a 2021 seven-round trading to the Haiying, in exchange for the other party’s 2020 five-wheel sign. The official of the lion subsequently confirmed this news.

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