Earlier in March, the patriot contracted the Formo, and he became a free player 32, but there was no news that he had other teams. If it is formally retired, Formom will bring 2 superbals, recently this superb bowl, because he is not in the list of missions in the injury list.

The lion runs Belle, don’t confident, whether you are starting In the 2014 season, the Detroit Lion is 223 Joique Bell, replacing Leiji Bush (Reggie Bush) has become the team’s first running guard. Talking about the new season, Bell is not sure whether he will continue to serve: «These things should be determined by the coach, he knows our lineup than I know. I can’t give you the answer you want.»

When the Body of the Formo is healthy, he is the first player of the patriot, but the injury limits his performance. In 2011, he missed 10 games. In 2013, 8 games were absent, and all the competitions were absent in 2016. .

The wild horses are strong in Monday night game, and I also determine that Gary Kubiak is willing to continue to implement his blueprint: Defensive group let Dezhou people only take 9 points, C.j. Anderson is over 100 yards, Trevor Siemian asks to listen to the listening. It can be said that the nephew is constantly comparing that the contract of Siemian and Brock Osweiler is unfair. Unfairness is that Siemian takes less money and makes more things.

If there is no «pneumatic door» of the new England Patriots, Les’s words may not be countless, because Les severely criticize the Patriots after the «venting door», he said in an interview: «Directly In terms, I think this is a kind of cheating, because this is more advantageous than the opponent, I have played a lot of competitions in Colden, I know that cold and cold ball is quite difficult, so put it One breath can make the ball well. «

At the beginning of this month, Watt became one of the presidesmaking of the CMT Music Awards, and he also participated in the Wishing Foundation, impromptu to play a basketball game and saw the football star small peas Ernande.

He wrote in his own face: «Today, I have made this decommissioned decision. I love my family now for the game of my dreams. I missed too much time with me. The family is just because I have paid too much for the stadium. And I am not so powerful for the game now, I will go to the birthday party or child’s first day, I choose to retire, just most people Like, I hope to get everyone’s blessing. «

As far as it is, Bell is more opportunistic to become the first hair of the lion. Although his appearance time and the number of buses will have a decline, this does not affect his position in the back of the lion. Abdullah or will take the corresponding opportunity at Bell to take a rest, Redick will be mainly played in the pass attack, wholesale Jerseys and his team’s ability is the team value.

This week is a wheel of denim, Dak Prescott gives up further listing opportunities to choose home fishing. There is a non-attractive detail in the wheel: Cowboy has had a maximum of 17 advances in the entire League, but only 9 points, this is the upstream of the League. data. This shows that the defensive group is full of vitality, the efficiency is high, do you not agree?

Harrison was well known to the 43nd Super Bowl of the game to complete the copy and returned to 100 yards, and finally helped the steel man overcome Arizona, and got a super bowl with 27-123. He completed a total of 36.5 times in the 2008-2010 season. Harrison last season participated in 15 games in Cincinnati, completed two killers.

The Lions in the Lions Amo Raddick and this year’s two-wheeled Amer Ameer Abdullah. Bell’s performance is very modesty: «I will not set any plans to my own positioning, my goal is to help the team, do what I can do.»

These more people who complain about the sea eagle — the collapse of the collapse of the collapse of the Hawow is really good about this movement. I saw the Eagle defensive group extremely eager to win. At night, Pete Carroll’s defensive group and special service group did all to create a grant opportunity. Now if those Fan Titi fans want to find anyone who is discarded, it is better to choose the coach of the shot. It is believed that the Hawks will finally fight for up to reach, and the offensive group did not have a ball switch. Carroll should not worry that they have been nearly 75 minutes. Always do you know that the ball is not?

The Alliance has banned the players from using any binders from 1981 to increase the viscosity of the glove, but Les entered the alliance in 1985, so if Les did use glue, it is not what he said, but it is completely illegal. .

Crazy Sunday Night Tournament also stopped the flush winning momentum, which is true that this order is currently falling in the country. At the same time, this also means that the red scitch must win the sea eagle in the Christian night game to win the home advantage of the playoffs. The fierce killing of the big love and the fierce group of the defensive group allowed attack groups. But I am also very worried that David Johnson will not die in the 14th week, it is really a mother.

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