Cork was cut off this year’s 3.31, ended his eight-year career in Cincinnati. He finally played 6 games at the end of the season, 11.10 Due to the knee injury season reimbursement. He has sent 67 games in Tiger, completed 10 copies, 65 ruins, 302 times.

Sunday defeated Tampawan pirates, the team fatelished the battle of 5 games, we can look at the NFL history, the French team can even become the second in history, in the regular season, it has encountered 5 games, but eventually The team of the next game. So who is the first team? In 1986, New York Jet, of course their 5 losers were the last 5 rounds of regular season, and the previous 10 wins and 1 negative record had been unfosit.

Many had previously been closely watched players will be whether to use the franchise tag, including the Green Bay Packers running back Aaron — Jones (Aaron Jones), Los Angeles lightning Everett Hunt — outside Henry (Hunter Henry) and took over the Detroit Lions Kenny — Gola-generation (Kenny Golladay) end up not using labels. This means that unless each team to complete the contract in time to open before the free agent market, these players will enter the market.

NFL Meida’s Ian RapoPort reported that in the layout of AROUND THE NFL, Newton’s pain hopes to alienate enough to participate in training on Thursday. Based on the Libott, Newton tried to relax and decided that this day is more suitable for treatment. «I am very optimistic, I hope that he is here, we will continue to pay attention to the development of this matter.» The coach speaking in the local media on Wednesday on Wednesday. «We have begun to pay attention to this every day until the end.»

Joseph said that the team needs to observe the performance of Lynch to assess the team four-point guard during the offset period. «In the case where the offset position is started at the beginning, we want to observe his performance to figure out what kind of player he is,» Joseph said.

Red skin main proximity front Paul’s injury season reimbursement

Washington Hongdo ushered in the first preseason in the new season today, but did not have long after the start of the game, and the main close-up of Hong Ni, Niles Paul could not afford to hurt. Then, it was then raised out. In the interview after the game, the Red Primary Coach Jay-Grunden announced that the Paul’s ankle is seriously sprained, and it will absent the entire 2015 season. Grunette said: «His injury is a huge loss for us, he is a very good player and leader.»

Coach Wansan Joseph I said the team plans to make the first round show in the game of the Kansas City chief. Linqi could not play the game for the ankle injury. BROCK OSWEILER starts, but the wild horse is lost in Washington.

Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Taylor — Morton (Taylor Https://Bunyan.Musvcs.Com Moton): Morton Panthers to use a non-exclusive franchise tag. 26-year-old Morton in the past three seasons starting every game for the Panthers. He is expected to receive $ 13,754,000 salary.

The next game is the last time of the wild horse coach group and the management of the game to evaluate Lynch. Regardless of Lin Qi, we still think that the wild horse will try to upgrade the four-guard position.

Redshit Signing Old Torn Guide — Cok Patrick

In order to find the candidate replaced by the injured corner Robert — Robert Alford, the rickets signed a year in Sunday and the old Horn Dere-Cork Patrick (DRE Kirkpatrick).

New York Giants defensive tackle Leonard — Williams (Leonard Williams): Giants second consecutive year, using the same non-exclusive franchise tag on Williams. Williams hit a career best performance last season, made 11.5 sacks. The two sides are negotiating to renew. Williams last season’s salary of $ 16.126 million, and this year’s salary will reach $ 19,351,200.

Lynch was the only ankle injured in this season, but he was poor before leaving the field. He is difficult to read defense and the decision speed is very slow. In the game, Linqi was 14 times successfully 9 successfully obtained 41 yards 1 pass paste and was killed 4 times.

Newton is absent training but still hopes to play in the first week

At this time last week, Cam Newton and Ron Ron Rivera clearly stated that the pain of ribs would not stop the four-point guard of the Black Leopard of Carlao, in the first battle. Pagan pirate playback. The pain of the ribs led to the practice of Newton’s missed on Wednesday, and now this should be obviously optimistic.

What is the hopos of the Falcon’s playoff?

Although the Atlantan Falcon’s record is not good, only 3 wins and 6 losses, but they still have the hopes of the game. At present, the Falcon is only lagging 4 wins and 5 losses. The new Orleans saints 1 winner, and their partitioned record is still the 3 battle of the proud.

Naires — Paul is a quite talented player, with excellent ballistics, and he also gains 27 pounds in this year’s break, in order to improve your cover, the Red Leather coach will also get up For the head of the team near the end. After the reimburse of the Paul season, Jordan Reed will replace his position, and the boursh of Reid is very outstanding. It is not lost to Paul, strong exercise ability, and the disadvantage is that the cover is poor and often Hurt. If Reed ensures health, he will be expected to fill the vacancies left by Paul.

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