This is the second time this week, I sent away the neighborhood of the team through the transaction. On Wednesday, they traded Azid Cleveland to the New England Patriots, got the offensive frontline player Jordan devey. For 49 people, the lack of lineup in the near-end front is insufficient: Carrier and Cleveland are one of the 8 nearly adjacent to the team training camp.

In Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen, this transaction is necessary after the season’s injuries have encountered the injuries reimbursed in the past two weeks. The 25-year-old Carier has not proved himself, and he has a high upper limit as a open cover player and a pick-up. He signed a three-year contract in March, and his average annual salary in the next three years is less than $ 1 million.

Owen subsequently expired for its behavior. Maybe I have recovered my own words immediately. (Video shows that he hit a helmet of the Hawker player, and then hit it by Owen and was defeated by the Haiying defensive end Michael Bennett) «Roger, that is not me. «Gronoski talked about this business and interpreted to the League President Roger Gudell.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the San Francisco 49 people will be near the DEREK Carrier transaction to the red skin, and change the fifth round of the show next year. right. 49 people and red skin subsequently confirmed this transaction. Labodote reported that the bear and Saint of the Saint are interested in Carrier.

After 8 years of effectiveness, Cherus was tristed by the team last month. His knee injury problem is that Pony ultimately chooses to give up his root cause. In terms of pirates, the team urgently needs a combating player to fill this empty lack of players who have warrants because of Demar Dotson knee injuries.

Talking about this game, Wilson said: «The purpose of our game is not to make anyone. I respect 49 people and their fans. They have won many champions in the past, and now I still have a strong competitiveness.»

Wilson talks about the fire: That is not my idea

For the 49 people in San Francisco, they are hard to forget the day of Thanksgiving, Seattle Hawks 4-point Walsell Wilsell Wilson and Richard Sherman, wholesale jerseys in the victory of their home team. After that, the center of the stadium is very fast. They think this is a great disarity for 49 people, and this matter has been repeated in the next few days.

NFL plans to celebrate UCF in the occupation bowl

In the 2017 University Football Season, the University of Central Florida is the only team that has achieved unbearable records, and they are better than the universities of the opponent, the latter defeated the University of Alabama. . Some people think that the UCF with proud record should be a real champion, NFL has not participated in the discussion, but they decided to make some representations in the career bowl.

Gronoski talks about the final conflict: I have to play a

New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski, played the most important role in the conflict of the Seattle Hawks in the 49th Super Bowl, this conflict causes the Haiying corner to Bruce — Bruce Irvin was sent to the penalty.

As a guest in the ABC TV station Jimmy-Campo Live Show (Jimmy Kimmel Live!), Gronoski explained that he did not intend to return. «I was pushed, this is the last match season, I think, & lsquo; go to him, I want to play a, & rsquo;» Geloski said. «They rushed to us, we were preparing to end the game at the time. The conflict then happened, this is rugby. Everyone has an emotion. This is rugby, such a thing happened.» He said: «Everything Very good. I mean, everything is very good. They perform very well, they are a team of efforts. We got the game and did it to win the victory. «

The pirate offensive front line has always been a team’s short board. Last season, whether it is a pass protection or ground attack, and the offensive front line has not provided adequate help. The new season, the prime quartz, Jamies Winston and the Doug Martin hoped to prove their value. For the above two, the offensive front line can provide what level of help will directly affect their performance.

On December 31, 1988, in the playoff game in the warrior court, Philadelphia eagle gave a Chicago Bear. At the end of the game, the bear team is leading 17 to 6, a wonderful hurricane Attack, blowing heavy fog and shrouded the entire course. This fog continued the next time, the scene of the scene was only 10 yards, and you can’t see anything outside the 10 yards.

Pirate signing offense

Tampa Bay pirate received a first more than 100 veterans. According to NFL official website reporters, the team has reached an agreement with the front of the Indianapolis to the right side of the Paplus, a contract of 7 million US dollars.

This year’s professional bowl will be held in Olando in UCF. NFL Activity Policy Director Matt Shapiro said: «There is no better way than celebrating their brilliant season and bowls than the host of UCF.»

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