Although I lost to Mario Tag in the rose bowl, this did not affect his position in the mind. Wenston is widely believed that it has been the ability to serve as NFL quadruption, compared to Mario Tag, he is more popular with this year’s championship.

Buck has served as the general manager of 49 people since 2011, he has experienced 49 people enter the superbit of the super bowl, but the following 49 people have declined, since 2015, the team only completed 6 wins and 24 losses, And Buck is facing the dismissed situation.

Pierre Paul can not wear protective gear next seasonJason Pierre-Paul attended the eight games of the New York Giants, and his right hand worn the protective gear, he didn’t need to worry about the problem of protective gear next season. .

Randall was accused of the aft between 50 to 500 US dollars, belonging to B-level minor crime, was arrested in the prison of San Francisco, and released after the next day. The San Francisco police direction NFL media confirmed that Randel was arrested at an attempt to steal underwear and perfume and equally worth $ 120.

On December 14, 2013, Winston ushered in the most glorious moment of college era. Just 19 years old and 342 he defeated many good hands including Jordan-Lynch and Niki-Manape, got the Herssian award symbolizing the highest honor of university football players. This made him a player who got the Hesmann award in the history of rugby. At the same time, he also made him surpass Mansale, becoming the youngest Hsmann winner in history. On January 6, 2014, on the day of Winston 20-year-old birthday, he led the Seminaire to defeat the Austrian University at 34:31, won the BCS National Championship. After the game, with the 35 yards and 2 achievements, Winston was elected the game MVP.

The NCAA in the 2014 season, Winston continued its performance of our own rule. The Seminnor team has killed the Rose Bowl with 13 wins and 0, their opponents, is the Oregon duck team leading to the year of Hay Smanmon. Winston did not lead the team to defeat Mario Tag, they were defeated at 20:59. This game has also become the only loss of Winston’s career. After the end of the second NCAA season, Winson announced the 2015 NFL draft. The final record of his university is fixed in terrorist 26 wins and 1 losses. In the past two years, he passed the ball 7964 yards, sent 65 pass to the game, in addition, he still has seven rush to reach.

Jianyuan Show Hot — Jami Winston IntroductionJameis Winston, born on January 6, 1994, 1.93 meters height, 104 kg of weight, has a perfect four-point bathroom. Wenston was born in Alabama, USA. He gradually showed his head from high school, and he took the team to the State champion in Alabama. In February 2012, Cheap Jerseys he decided to accept the Florida University (FSU) rugby scholarship, which started his brilliant college career.

The US time told reporters on Thursday, and he no longer needs a protective gear. His right hand can complete the game. He said: «I don’t worry about the problem of protective gear, my hand feels very good, I trained very heart We are ready to play the game, the protective gear is not necessary for me, my right hand feels the same. «

Big season, Winson followed the Seminol team with red shirts to fight NCAA, at the time of the team’s first quartz guard, now Buffalo Bill’s EJ-Manuel. After spending the red shirt season, Winston became the first quarter of the team. His NCAA’s first show is full of praise, that game, Winston 27 passed, and sent four pass to the ball. In addition, he has completed a rush of a rush. A young boy is only 19 years old, and it shocked everyone in the first time. That season, Winston is generally ruled by the NCAA stadium. He led the team to achieve a proud of 13 wins and 0 negative records, which included in the ACC Division Championship to defeat Duke University.

In the past 2 years, Pierre Paul has completed 12.5 four-point guard, now he and the giants have only one year of contract, Pierre Paul needs to prove herself next season, otherwise he will face unemployment.

The black panther will continue to give McCaverri opportunitiesNorv Turner became a new offense coordinator in the Black Panther this month, he said that his primary task is to ensure that Christian Mccaffrey will play.

Turner has worked on Lightning and Darren Sprolas, asked if McCaffli will be arranged in the same way, Turner said that McCaverry has an extremely important position in offensive groups. This is what Sprtrols is abbead.

«His new year’s performance is excellent, beyond people’s expectations.» Turner evaluation, «he can adapt to his position, this is not much more powerful for a rookie. His talent is unparalleled, I have to do It is to find the way to make him play, continue to give him a chance, give him a space. Of course, you can find the way out of the road in the disappearance, but some people will lead him to progress. «

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