In addition, the red skin also signed an external hand-Davis (Robert Davis), Robert Davis, will start the Gerrius Guice and the defensive front line member Kelly cloth — Blante (Caleb) BRANTLEY) Add a list of injuries.

«I have a lot of ups and downs to me last year.» Matthew said. «I am trying to understand what is best for me. How can I integrate into the team? The most important thing is that I understand that training here means a lot. You work hard, you work hard, this is what many people here. I realized this and did it. «

Wagner can play a huge role in the defensive group. He almost allows yourself to block the opposition of the opponent and guard against the opponent near the opponent or running in the pass defense. There are very few internal users worth $ 17 million annual salary. But Wagner may be such a player, even if he will be over 30 years old.

The wild horse will follow the guests of the dolphins and host the jet at home, wholesale jerseys and then fight the pony in the Indian. They may have a chance to win the fourth victory. But now only 5 games can be hit, and the record is still 3-8, and the wild horse wants to win the seasons in the season.

Wagner has already said that he is ready to face this is his possibility of his last season. Now he once again confirmed this point of view, he said that he understood that the contract with the Hawie has entered the last year and will still help the team.

Mosley’s new contract allowed him to get an average of $ 17 million actions per year, easily over the highest level of Luke Kuechly, 12.359 million US dollars. Wagner’s current contract allows him to have an average of $ 10.75 million average salary.

This year’s break is not good for Matthews. He still has a chance to enhance his position in the depth of lineup, and the sea eagle gets close-to-peer Gammy-Graham to let all the days of joining the day. Matthews will get a chance to prove his performance is not a flowery.

«I am me,» Wenz said, «I happened when I was injured, but he won’t change me. Maybe some people want me to learn how to protect themselves, I will. But injury will not affect my play style. And aggressive. «

In order to prove that you have the value of the Hawks, Wagner attended the training period training, but he won’t participate in training without getting a new contract. Whether he will continue to be a teammate after the 2019 season, he hopes to help guide young players.

Willis and Smith, who are talented and trouble coexist, were once known as high-value players. The new coach Jim-Tom Sola (Jim Tomsula has no doubt will rely on Willis to some extent to open a new era. Willis represents a stable performance. No one can replace Willis, but they have sufficient replacement players in the inner line, including the best lineup of Navorro Bowman and the potential young player Chris Borland (Chris Borland) ). However, the 49-person defensive group will still look great. Before his toes injured, Willis’s entire career was absent from 50 regular games. Smith is just absent 2 regular games.

«My expectation is competition, playing as much as possible, making great contributions to the team and helping us win.» Matthew said in ESPN. «My expectation is to win. Our defensive group is the best in the league. I believe that the offensive group can also become the best in the alliance. We only need to work. We have all key parts.»

NFL official website reported in December last year, claimed that the defensive disappearance Justin Smith may have completed the last play of 49 people in San Francisco. However, this 14-year experience is also the old man who is guarding the front line will tell the local media that he plan to make a decision next week. Due to age issues Smith’s decommissioning decision can make people understand. But Willis’s retirement is more surprised.

Sea Eagle Players Bobi — Wagner: I hope to become the highest salary of the alliance

Beijing May 23, C.J. C.J. Mosely, the contract with the New York jet increases the salary benchmark of the wire guard to the new height. Seattle Sea Eagle Wei Bo ratio — Bobby Wagner wants its next contract to exceed Mosley.

The 25-year-old Matthew was cut off by the Hawk after the end of last year. Until the last month of the regular season, he returned to the 53-person list of the Hawks. Before the breakthrough in the super bowl, he only had 28 files.

Due to the selection of surgical therapy, the toe injury in several seasons was reported last season, and Willis’s season ended in advance. But this is obviously not enough to force him to feel retired. He will explain on Tuesday will be very concerned.

Carson — Wenz will not change the hit by injuries

At the interview with a reporter on Friday, the eagle quadzard-Wenz (CARSON WENTZ) said that he had tearing the left knee ligament and the front cross ligament before the game, but he could return to the next season. war.

San Francisco 49 people star line Willis will announce retirement

Patrick Willis chooses to leave the league in the peak stage of his career. According to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, the 30-year-old wire guard Tuesday plans to declare retiring after the 49 people in San Francisco.

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