Percy Harvin will sign a year with Buffalo

According to Fox Sports, External Harvin is about to sign a Buffalo Bore, with a contract of 6 million US dollars. Subsequent wholesale nfl jerseys‘s famous media person Ian Rapoport confirmed this news.

A beautiful and great over the top, CASPER did it! This successful 42-yard ball promoted the shooting of the slightest score, while playing the game Errol Mann successfully shot the game to finally drag into the addition.

The rushing of the ram, called Gorelli is likely to be absent.

The St. Louis Roos is the first round of Todd Gurley this year, and the talented Gorley was given a hopes by people. However, due to Gorley torn the inside of the knee in November last year, it is still in the recovery state, and has not been involved in any training. A few days ago, the ram coach Jeff-Fisher said that Gorelli is unlikely to participate in the presective competition in an interview with a reporter.

On Wednesday, the communication between the two parties and the possibility of trading. But it is not clear that there are more negotiations involving transactions, and there may be different processes for transactions.

For Manze Er, this is the end of another disappointing season seed unsatisfactory manner. He passes 223 129 successes 7 touchdowns in the season passes steals 5, made blunt ball 230 yards. This season played 10 times, including six starts (8-4 2).

External Brake Pelp said the raid is not suitable for yourself

Beijing July 2, Amari Cooper is not beautiful in the last half of the raid. Six games can also be adapted to the system of Jon Gruden, which has ushered in the rebirth after being traded by the team to Dallas.

Petín words means that Man Zeer in a vulnerable position in the team in the next offseason. Brown may find that they hold the top draft pick signed Monday. Man Zeer in the past two years did not grasp the opportunity. If you choose to give Brown his, he can only blame himself.

Last season, Harvin came out of 8 games after turning down the jet, and took more than 100 yards in 22 times, and completed 29 codes and once. After the new coach Lex Ryan (Rex Ryan), the team has already taken a multi-player such as Lee En-McCoy, Matt Cassel. Instantly set up a team with potentially competitiveness. However, such a large-scale lineup change can have a good chemical effect, while Matt-Cassel and E.J. Manuel (E.Manuel) can show how much capability is also worrying.

Informed people said that since the draft, the two sides have had multiple communications, but the jet informed Adams, they are willing to wait, and Adams wants to complete the renewal before the season. Therefore, the Adams is disappointed, and it is considered that the jet dragged their hind legs.

This game Dave Casper is very efficient, 4 codes got 70 yards and 3 times, and the efficiency is amazing. And another master of the «Ling Snake» raid team quartz, Ken Stabler, who didn’t die in the past, and he did not enter the famous Hall of the famous Hall.

At last season, the jet has received the trading quote, and Dallas has expressed interest. Adams is very angry after you know that your name is in the transaction negotiation. Joe Douglas, general manager of Jet Douglas, said in February this year to make Adams’s entire career for the team. He has not had different statements in public.

Cooper said: «I feel that the raid is not suitable. I have not shown my full capacity, although the reason is unclear. There is almost a bit weakened in the environment & hellip; & hellip; I have to do it on the ground. Things, I hope to arrange specific tactics, class of specific routes & hellip; & hellip; but they are not in the game plan. «

Fisher also said that he believes that Gorell has been able to understand the offensive system of the ram, in the interview to praise the great talent of Gorley. In addition, Fisher plans to make Gorli and Trut Mason rotate the game, he said: «We tend to rotate the system, even if Gorley returns to 100%, I still want Mason and him alternately. Because Mason is also very capable of running, I think two people use the best way. «

Cleveland coach Mike Brown — Petín (Mike Pettine) on Thursday announced that Man Zeer will be lost due to play the Kansas City Chiefs suffered a concussion in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers missed the season finale.

Fisher said in the interview on Thursday, cheap Jerseys From china, said that the ram did not need to return Gorell to return as soon as possible, they would like to slow down the rhythm and minimize injuries. Fisher said: «We are ready to come slowly, I don’t have to force him for the premium season in order to adapt to the regular season, so you are unlikely to see Gorelli in the preseason, because he still It is necessary to continue to restore. Rest 8 months with rest for 10 months, he is now taken 8 and a half months, so he still needs to continue to rest for a few weeks. «

For the 11th game of Dallas (including the playoffs), the Cooper has pushed 81.45 yards, with a total of 7 times. And in his field of raid, the number of push the number of pushes and only 46.6, and there is only one time.

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