Tomlin also said that he will also deal with Brown’s «transaction me» in Monday, «transaction me», but the press conference is not a suitable description location. Tomstu explicitly denies Brown requests to be traded.

In the semi-television station, the three players, PeiTon Manning and free-player Line Wume Mike NEL NEAL were accused of banned. The Union announced that Manning, Mantin, announced in July, but the Alliance has not announced the details of Neil’s survey.

A Titan team player who did not want to be named: «The training camp is very good, Guo Yongzhi (Cabozhongname) is great! It is a bit short, and the content arrangement is also very careful. Unfortunately, it is not directly opposed to him. Training, should be very strong with him. I hope there will be more NFL masters to guide Chinese guidance. «

The Alliance issued a statement on Wednesday: After comprehensive examination of the allegations made by the documentary made by the US TV station US Division, NFL did not find any trusted evidence to prove the Pittsburgh Steelman James Harrison and Green Bay Package Krem Massicas and Juliz-Perpos get or use drugs that are prohibited by the drugs that are developed by NFL-NFL players.

Steel people take over Brown did not participate in Monday

Beijing September 19th, after the training of Monday, the Steelman’s head coach Mike Tomlin did not reveal how much information on the outer work of Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown). According to reports, Brown did not participate in the team training, but Tomlin is like a bottle.

The player is from the External hand of Atlanta, Julio Jones. It is reported that he was driving a water motorcycle on the lake and accidentally hit the other vessel, so he fell, he was successful after him. Save but his earrings are gone.

Caber is the defensive end of the Auckland raid. This training program is designed by him personally, and the content is divided into three phases: warm-up, physical fitness, skill practice. Participating in the training camp is a member of Shanghai a few amateur American football team (Night Eagle, Warriors, Dragon Caval, Titan), and from other cities to fly enthusiasts, such as the old thunders from the Guizhou Forests.

Branet did not participate in any training this week because the feet injury, he was listed as «difficult» in the previous injury report. After determining that this week, Bryant’s absence of this season has reached 6 games. This week, the cowboy will enable four points to Kellen Moore, which is also his career first.

Cowbur announces Bryant this week

Dallas Cowboy This week’s opponent will be Buffalo, but the team’s attack and defense will have important players absent. The official website of the team announced that the external hand Des-Bryant and the corner Morris Claiborne will absent this week.

Hudson is the second round of the chief 2011, and the past four seasons have been the first center of the raid. After 30 years old this year, he only missed 3 games after 2012. In recent years, it has been one of the most worthwh-to-new center of the alliance. Last season, the score of professional football focused websites shows that Hudson is the best center of the entire alliance.

Unfortunately, due to the Falcon’s training camp on Thursday and lasted until August 4, the team’s first episode will be held on August 26th, so Jones may not be able to Continue to participate in the earrings search.

Bryant This season is only 72 times as a pass target, and the ball is 31 times, and the 401 yard is promoted. The average code is 12.9 yards, and 3 reacted. For 6 consecutive games, his number of garnish numbers is less than 70 yards. This is also the first to struggle since his rookie season. Bryant’s poor performance is also related to the quarter-saving capacity. After Tony Romo is injured, the team has never organized a valid attack.

Strong Rodney Hudson and raids for 3 years

Beijing August 31, US Time, according to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, the raid will be 33.75 million US dollars with the center Rodney Hudson This will make him the highest salary center.

For Caber, this Chinese training camp is also very special. He is particularly optimistic about whether China’s future can produce a NFL-level professional player, and also pointed out some of the shortcomings of domestic football training:

After the new general manager Mike Mayock, I have always regarded rectification offensive front line as my primary task. He spent a big price to sign Trent Brown, introduced the harvest of the harmonier — Richie Incognito, and now he has retained the first center.

The three players participated in the investigation talks last week. This investigation started in January this year was supported by NFL security and legal teams, got support from expert consultants and other athletes. This survey includes witnesses, reviewing past records and other materials, electronic search, laboratory analysis and review.

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