In college all the wonderful performance, the Lamb’s signature advantage of his ability to advance the ball in after. In this year’s draft, after advancing a few yards Lamb catch all the best players. Last season he made the ball 1327 yards, which is 683 yards after the ball forward.

In the analysis of the parties in the draft, Lamb from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Alabama from Jerry — Judy (Jerry Jeudy) and Henry — Lagos III (Henry Ruggs III) is considered the wide receiver position most top three. Although both the Lamb and Judy who are likely to be selected first, Lamb thinks he is the best in this year’s draft to take over the outside.

In addition, coaching pony makes McCaniels have the opportunity to coach Andrew Luck. If the Lak status is recovered, then McDaniel can work with a young quarter-free cooperation that still has a chance to play the celebrity level. The entire lineup of the pony needs to be reinforced, but Brad is active in reinforcement, he will be a pair of McDaniels a pair of attention.

The 26-year-old Lead last season is the second time for the first time, he completed 132 hugs in 2020, 3 kills, 3 times forced the ball, and get the ball twice. During the rookie year, Leard was completed 163 hugs, 7 times, and the best defensive new show in the year.

«I yardage after the ball forward,» Lamb said. «My all-rounder ability, I can inside and outside of the array, I can run the ball the route you need. My goal is to pass a larger number. And I am a very hard person. I love to play.»

In 2017, the fifth round of the draft was quickly cut off, and finally joined the eagle. After that, his noble mid rate reached 86.8%, and the appended additional shot mortality reached 93%, a total of 291 points. This season he did not shoot in 14 arbitrary shots.

Lamb childhood outstanding performance on the pitch so that he got the nickname now. Because of his dedication often enough to enter the essence of video performance on the pitch, his instructor begins to call this 名赛达里安 (Cedarian) of him as «DVD», later changed to «CD».

According to NFL NetWork reporters, the new contract period is 5 years, with a total salary of $ 99.25 million, of which 52.5 million is guaranteed, and the average salary of $ 20 million in the first three years. This will also make Lylnude a total alliance history with the highest salary.

After Tennessee Titan Mikey, Mike Mulakey, McCaniel is considered to be more inclined to join Titan, he will be here and the old friend of the general manager Jon Robinson, and It is also possible to coach potential Markus Marcus Mariota. But McCaniels and Pony Chris Ballard were closely related.

Candidate players Hidi — Lamb: I believe he is the best wide receiver picksHidi — Lamb (CeeDee Lamb) from the first round in this year’s draft hear Union president Roger — Goodell (Roger Goodell) shouted his name as well as more than a week. He seems unlikely to fall out of the top ten and may even become the first wide receiver chosen.

Lamb is not just a big ball goal, he also played well in important games. In three years at university career, he participated in eight games to be held in a neutral venue (three games against the University of Texas Red River showdown, 2 and 3 field federation championship playoff games), then completed a total of 51 times ball made 954 yards 6 touchdowns.

Kelly talked about Ford: The big list is controlled by me.Philadelphia Eagle 4-point 卫 Nik-Work will be missed for the next 6 to 8 weeks, the head coach Qip Kelly will firmly use Mark Sanchez as a team. Quarter. Kelly praised Sanchez in front of the media, called him «people who can lead the team.» These remarks can not help but make people feel worried about the future of Falls. We want to know if he is still part of the future plan.

Sanchez and eagle only signed a 1 year of contract, cheap jerseys if he performs excellent, does not rule out the possibility of renewing him. From Kelly speaking, we can also see that he has not decided to have any quarter-saving future. Sanchez may become a long-term hair of the team, and Falls also have the opportunity to recover after the return. But in any case, Kelly has clearly expressed its own point of view: I can decide the team’s four-point guard, only himself.

Jeffrey last season completed 52 battles to get 821 yards 2 times, he was banned 4 games and facing the unstable position of the bear team at the quadrant position. If Jeffe is leaving, then the bear’s external handle of the bear will consist most of the young unpredictable players.

Local time on Thursday, Kelly accepted an interview on this question: «I don’t know where these guessing is from the team. I understand that my heart is very clear. The big list will be controlled from the beginning to the end. Some people are writing news Tott & lsquo; first-hand information & rsquo; as a head, I clearly tell you, I have not discussed similar things with anyone. Therefore, all existing guess is nonsense. On the other hand, I have been very Support Nick, he is an extremely excellent quarter-off. I think he has been withdrawn too much accusation and excessive questioning, I hope more people can like this young man. «

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