The crow announced the second consecutive week to announce the foot injured in Brandon Williams, will be absent. Williams is an important member of Baltimore Rush. It didn’t be self-care that he didn’t hit his defensive group last week.

Jet and explorer sign Kunnan — Williams signingBeijing July 26, US Time Thursday, jet official announced that it will sign a rookie contract with this year’s exploration, Quinnen Williams. The Alabama defensive cutaway is also the first round show that the last determined signing this year. At this time, the rookie to the training camp is already a week.

The original NFL coach House will give a game for FoxEarlier this week, there was reported that FOX sports intentionally tied to Titan, the Ramb Fisher, letting it join the commentary team. At present, both parties seem to have aggravated.

Williams only played a year in Alabama, but this is enough to make him the best lineup in the United States. He completed 8 kills last season, 71 times, of which 19.5 hugs cause the other party to lose the code. He eventually ranked 8th in Haysman awards, gaining the Outland for the best inner side front line members of the country.

Crowbrandon — Williams is absent from the second consecutive weekThe steel man runs Guiji, Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) There is no chance to perform in this season. In the face of the important general absent, he may arrive at the moment.

Deni Line Shuen — Sen Lee (leg teen) is expected to play. Diagonal Collins (La & Rsquo; El Collins) (back), External Bryler (Foot), Defense David — Europe (David Irving) (Brain Shock), Corner orlando — Skandrick (Back) and the Tyron Smith (back) are listed as unable to determine possible.

The lion quarter-assault Matthew-Stafford (right-hand) injury is recovering, and is currently being labeled as unable to determine possible. Except for him, running the Ameer Abdullah (neck), Jamal Agnew (Knee), defensive Dide Front Edge Killer — Ansa (Ezekiel Ansah), Emmett Cleary (ankle) (ankle), TJ Lang (Tj Lang) (Foot), Dragon Robinson (Foot), Stroke Travis Swanson (Knee) and defensive end of Corneus — Washington is also listed as unable to determine possible.

The crow takes over Jeremy Maclin (back), striker Jeermaine Eluemunor (shoulder) and line guards CJ-Mosley (CJ Mosley) cannot determine possible possible . Line Weavazadaris — Smith (Darius Smith) (shoulder) is doubtful.

Cardinals backup quarterback will debut in the competition against 49 peopleBecause of shoulder nerve tissue injury, and missed last week’s game at Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson — Palmer (Carson Palmer) return this week inconclusive.

A red skin fans expressed dissatisfaction, and then the eagle fans tried to conflict with this red leather fan, fortunately, the fans around were stopped in time, the conflict ended in a short period of time.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Eric Burns expressed the expected return for Palmer:. «May one day it could be a month,» If any nerve pain the next day to continue, will face Jim Stanton — Kazakhstan Bo (Jim Harbaugh) team.

Wild Human Made Ronald Ronald Leary (back) and quadroton-Lynch (ankle) unable to play. External hand Yamnuel Sanders (ankle) and defensive cut-off Domata PEKO (knees) unable to determine possible possible.

Jet Runs Matt Forte (Knee) and Right Drug Bryan Wintz (Abdominal, ankle) is listed as unable to determine possible. External handle Robi-Anderson (legbar) is expected to play. Bruce Carter (inguinal) is determined to be able to play.

Eric Burns, said: «Until today, things have not changed, we will let Drew as a starter, as a substitute Thomas, together we will wait for the return of Carson.» Palmer has any wish to participate in the game, if the schedule can put the slow.

Justin Pugh (back) will not play. Corner Eli Apple (Hip, Back), Run Dowans Darkwa (Sick Dive), Defensive Didwangger Jason — Pierre-Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) Fingers), Sterling Shepard (Legs) and Diffus Chad Wheeler (brain shock) are unable to determine possible.

Wednesday interview Palmer said: «I hope to have a definitive answer or who can make me get well soon, but everything is uncertain, only time will work, the only answer and only time, I only I hope all this will not delay too long. «

Packaging Wires, Nick Perry (Foot, Shoulder) and defensive Dial Quinton — Dell (chest, knees) unable to determine possible. Namitri-demetri goodson (leg bib) will not play, and Davon House (shoulder) is doubtful.

[Everyday nfl jerseys] Section 14 Weekly Federation Injury ReportThe ADRIAN Peterson (neck) of Adrian Peterson (neck) will be lacked for the second consecutive week. Herwynn Williams assumed most of his work, 16 shots were 97 yards. External 3 John Brown (John Brown) is also unable to play.

The raids took over Amari Cooper (ankle) was listed as unable to determine the possible possible, and have passed the brain shock inspection process. Corner David — David Emerson (Foot) and External Hand Cordarrel Patterson (hips) are listed as unable to determine possible.

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