But the management wants Bradford back, and the head coach Jeff Fisher is also. He told Brill to say Bradford and team Old Bo-Cologne, was the main reason why he took over the main coach of the male sheep in January 2012.

In the case of an interview in the physical measurement, Western West has said that the current performance of Collins is not worthy of his salary. He admitted to Collins’s talent, but this line guard is too unstable, always misses, and there is less performance. Last season, Collins completed 104 times, 4 times and 4 times destroyed.

Former Texas people take over Johnson reported Thank you old homeAfter 12 seasons in Houston Texas, External hands Andre Johnson took careers for the first time in different teams, and put on different teams in the competition.

Jidi Dai Dao Quan: Chief @ 德州 人 (Team injury)Houston Texas received less influence this season. The main running Weve Ali An — Foster just hurts and then hurts the reunion to make a lot of fans. This has been played for 7 years in Houston, only two seasons stay full of full-quality, and his injury is hard to return to the team. Last season, the champion of the championed Jianjadvian-Claien reimbursement, let Texas people are very disappointed. He played the victory of returning to the stadium this season, but in the final end of the regular season, he was absent from the competition again because of the injury, and he won the quota of the playoffs in Texas. Crawn will return to the outside. This will be a great good news for the Texas Defense Group. The most fascinating Temple fans is the hand injury of J.J Watt, in order to enable the team to advance the playoffs, Watt is still injured after the hand fracture. However, due to the influence of fractures, Watt’s play has also been greatly limited. In the last round of the regular season, Watt took the protection of the hand and won 3 times, and the state was very good. Healthy Watt will still be the defensive beast that people are afraid. After returning to the Texas offensive group, the excellent starting quarter-offs in the season two times in the season, and were banned from the governing, and the final game was completed, but the status is flat. If you take this state to the powerful chief defensive group, the Texas will be fierce.

At the beginning of the Kansas Emirates, it was almost joined the injury. Derk Johnson and Eric Berry have returned from serious injury and seriously ill, but the chief of the early season did not see a little hope. However, the split of the chief is the fifth week of the regular season, the main force runs to Jamar Charles reimbursement. The biggest brand of this chief attack group is the most dependent offensive weapon of the chief, but excessive use also makes «feet» becomes scarred. This time his right knee crossed ligaments were hit hard. How long does it take to return this time? Charles has already fights for 8 years in the league, and he left the time of his 29-year-old. In this case, several replacement Earthen Kandic-West, Nair-Davis and Spencer-Ville have encountered different degrees of injury, although the continued regular season continues, several people also It can be rotated to hit a whole season, but the playoff is the biggest test for them.

Romo third steals is Pirui Si — to Cox (Perrish Cox), and the final touchdown, when 49 to 28 people 3 lead. The entire first half, Romo completed 14 passes 10 times, contributed 3 steals, we can only say: «! Welcome back, dear Romo»

«I want to thank Texas, Mr. McNar (team boss), my teammates and Houston have been supported by my past 12 years. Especially I want to thank fans & mdash; & mdash; thank you for giving me to complete me The dream of childhood. It can be honored to participate in the game in front of you every Sunday. No matter where I go, Houston will always be my home & mdash; & mdash; No. 80 Andre — Johnson «

NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that the preamble is still in the planning of the team in 2014. Bradford last season due to the knee, the tribal ligament is missing, and he reimbursed the entire 2014 season after the race of racing this year. The team’s kindness has also responded: wholesale Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Bradford was also willing to return to the team.

Packaging Tanicking Eneven Irison signing near-end GlahamGreen Bay packaging is signed today that this year is the best near-end front this year, but it also cut off one of the most experienced external connections in the team.

The first attack of the game since Dallas offensive line was whistled for moving ahead, the second attack it? Running back De Kerr — Murray (DeMarrco Murray) off the ball, and cornerback Chris was 49 — Curry picked up the Buddha back to attack 35 yards a touchdown.

Shaun Hill and Austin Davis Austin Davis This season replaces Bradford and has achieved success varying degrees. Bradford will come to the scene to participate in the scene this season and have always appeared in the team base. Brill has been informing the ram plan to add a quarter-off before the start of the season, but Bradford may still be a first game in the 2015 season.

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