Libotport said that the 49-person management was clearly notified to Gore during the offset period. «It has been 31 years old and has high than $ 6 million in incentive bonus, so the team will take 57 shots Carlos HYDE came as a substitute. «

Osmere Friday said that he could not play the game due to shoulder pain. Shoulder injury caused him to be included in the injury report on October 2, after that, he did not participate in training and competition. He said he was first injured on August 5, and then injured again in the game of New England Patriots on September 22.

Osler refused to participate in training in Saturday, the jet is fined by the team harmful behavior. On Friday, they have warned Osmere if he did not participate in training on Saturday he will be fined or banned.

«Yes, I will continue to sit,» Cape Nik said. «I will continue to stand with the oppressed people. This is something that needs to change. When there is a huge change, I think this flag represents its meaning, this country should behave When the people, I will stand up. «

In the question and Botes Time, Cofflin gave the most decent answer, and he gave such an answer in Nfl Jerseys as a coach and was not accidental. However, it will be unexpected in the future decisions of Botes anything other than layoffs.

Steel man uses the fifth year option to keep DikastroAccording to NFL media, Albert Breer reported on Thursday, the Pittsburgh Steel team decided to use the fifth year of David Decastro. The 24th players in 2012 have become the third passive after the San Dieng Flash Brightener, San Diego, Melvin Ingram, and the Indianapolis Trie’s four-point guardian Andrew Luck. The same player with this rule.

For the steel people, make this decision is something that I don’t need to think. Dikastro has experienced a serious knee and has become better and better, becoming a first-class strike in the alliance. In the data statistics of the website, Dikastro can be placed in the League of all 78 qualified selection strikers in the league.

Pass 49 people have notified Gore may be trimmedSan Francisco’s 49 people’s main running DV Frank Gore has been awarded a first-boring responsibility of 9 people seasons in the team, but his pressure is surprisingly large, and the number of games and the reduction of the opportunity of the ball. It is impossible to impose that Gore is not so important in 49 people. A few days ago, NFL’s famous reporter Ian RapoPort said 49 people’s management in the outside world, seriously considering cropping Gore.

Corylin and team management now must now give Botes a $ 36.5 million in February to renew contracts and regret it. At that time, this renewal news was surprised and it appeared a more bad decision after a year.

The American tiger must admit the mistakes you commit and give up Botes. They were considered to be the most likely to sign a superb bowl of MVP quartz, Swannik, Nick foles. Falls may enter the free player market and are familiar with John Defilippo, John Defilippo, and John Defilippo.

This short answer «now» is a key term. «Now» should become «no longer» after the beginning of the new leap. Kuflin made this answer may also be because he is an interview received in charity events, he is not willing to talk about team affairs.

And Gore took a roam with excellent state. Before going on this week, he had got 365 yards at a limited 77-time shock, and 4.7 yards were also in 2006. The third high in the first position. In contrast, Xiu Haide is still in the adapted period, 34 shohes, 132 yards, twice, two achievements are not bad. Because the running guards currently available in the team only Gore and Hyde, his position should be guaranteed before he has become a free player this season.

In the case of Ryan Mathews (knee injury), Danny Woodhead, Danny Woodhead, Lightning will rely on Donald Brown. Last week, the tactical prove is a mistake. Brown 31 times a scorpion acquired 62 yards (2 yards each time), becoming a third single game in NFL history, more than 30 times, but a player who was less than or equal to 2 yards each time.

Despite the poor performance, lightning will continue to choose a shock attackSan Diego lightning is poor in terms of punch, but this does not let them stop try. During the season’s three games, the lightning per game is only a poor 2.4 yard (NFL is the most bad), but they have a total of 97 shock ranking column.

This week, in the face of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville, the uncle of the union bottom, we believe that the Rich will make Brown have a lot of play time. The rookie runs Branden-Oliver and the newly joined team Shaun Draughn can also have a lot of appearance time as a rotation.

Katnik took part in the team meeting of only players on Sunday morning, and he explained to the team to protest and their feelings. But he said he accidentally mobilized other players to participate in protests.

But the offense coordinator Frank Reich is believed. «If you are not successful, then try again, try again, try again». «Our squad attack is of course lower than the average level,» Reich said to San Diego Joint Chronicle. «But the following is what I know: We are full of confidence in what we are doing. We can make our players can play a strong confidence. Even when it is last week, the squash attack is rotten to the average of 2 yards per shock The point, we still choose a shock attack. We will continue to choose the shock attack. «

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