Regular season 10th player’s injury summaryPhiladelphia eagle four points Sam — Sam Bradford shoulder injury in advance. According to reports, it may be the shoulder ligament sprain on one side of the ball, and it is still uncertain to cause much impact. Runan Matthews Hand is hurt.

Justment — Hunt: Marioa is a good quadrupleOnly one month, Tennesi Titan’s external connections Mustnin Hunter changed to their views of their rookie four-dimensional Marcus Mario Taga, MARCUS Mariota.

Tiger cut off the attack, Cote, CD, GlenThe US time is on Friday, the official announced that Condy Glenn is cut off. Glennas will take $ 9.5 million salary space, and the tiger can now make this part of the space, don’t worry about death.

Tit’s downturn also gave the opportunity to show the performance of Terrence West, and he won the 48 yards after 15 times last week. Mike Pettine, Mike Pettine, hinted that West Wester will get more opportunities in the future. Pert said: «Take a look at the competition, make these three running guards, you can find that Wester is obviously better. He won more opportunities for himself, when he was present, do it The contribution is the most in these three people. «

Long career has appeared in Miami dolphins, but with the increase of injuries, he has already been no longer the courage of the year. After 30 years old, after joining St. Louis ram, it was a knee ligament to tear in two consecutive seasons, and the appearance time was very limited.

The giant urgently needs the left and trip, meets Jack-LongNew York Giants left disappearance will take at least five months due to pectoral fin injury, which makes the team’s worse offensive sharp line to add. This week, the giant tried to search from the free market to provide a player’s player, 4 occupational bowls left apiary Jack-Long (Jake Long) also became one of the objects considered by the team. The local time on Thursday, the two sides will meet.

But can Wester maintain your own efficiency is still worthy of doubts. The first five weeks of Brown’s scorpion code ranked first in the league, and each time the squad was released to 1.9 yards after the Macquarium. So Worth Will Will not pick up the position of the starting running guard, Brown urgently needs to improve its ground covering capacity.

If Lang can recover from injuries and remain health, his experience and body advantages can still make him contribute to the team. The giant plans to push the first left trip in advance this year’s rookie Eric Furulles. If you can join, he can become a good tutor.

Brown intends to make Tailus West Wester as a first runCleveland Brown won in the past two weeks, and continued to maintain a group of 5 wins and 3 losses. However, behind the victory is a worrying ground attack. Since Brown Star Center Alex-Mac (Alex Mack) was almost stagnant after the Sixth Week reimbursement, the first running Weight-Tit (Ben Tate) is particularly low, Only 3 yards in Zhou Tsai even 10 times, it is not a level that the Cheap Nfl Jerseys level runs should be, and the other is ISAIAH CROWELL without playing.

The Wall this season misses 4 times, the additional shooting door is the most alliance, and he still has 4 anygs of shooting. Of course, his trouble from last season’s playoffs in the playoffs in the season, 27 yards, orchically, the Haiying 10-9 will start.

In the game, Viking is once a 20-point, but then the Walsh kicks the Dianda in the end of the half, which makes the red skin only at 14-20, and the gap between the score can be pulled backwards. This is just the latest in Wallshi’s more concern.

He said: «I am willing to cooperate with him. He is a very good person. It is very good four-point guard. Every four-point guard should have it.» This is not unexpected, with Titan selection this The four-point guard in Oregon, Mario Tag became Tennessee’s topic. Although the outer connections are still supported from Zach Mettenberger, it is obvious that the management is about to make a decision.

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