«I think we have this capital,» Lecht said. «We will definitely consider doing this. But this depends on who is this player. Where can he be selected? Is there any player before him. If we have to identify this player, this will not pick a quarter San, I feel & lsquo; Ok, he is what we have to train & rsquo; it is so simple. «

1. Ryan — Sha Zeer (Ryan Shazier), Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker: Sha Zeer athletic ability is difficult compared to other people, is rare Steelers team «brought on the» player ,, he came cheap jerseys from china Ohio State show the speed of the ball and be able to quickly find the person’s ability. Twice Thursday night against the Ravens pass rush themselves.

McCoo said: «I want to tell all the offensive group players: playing the best performance can help the rookie quad-saving faster, especially those who have the skill. If he reads the mistake, The ball is very difficult, then I have to work hard. I will not advance the number of codes, but it doesn’t matter, I will receive the ball more confident. The running guards have missed, and the other side is smashed. Hold, give a new show, let him more confident, let victory more inclined to us. He still young, he needs to be confident. This is what I want to say, do the task, help him share the pressure. «

It ranked second Zhou Xinxiu, Watkins proud to top the list

Rookie hope that the 32 teams in the future, we have seen Russell — Wilson (Russell Wilson) and Andrew — Clark (Andrew Luck) so immediately to energize the offense, but also seen as JJ- Watt (JJ Watt ) and Robert — Quinn (Robert Quinn) so let the cute and honest defense into a nightmare the other offensive groups. From now to the end of the season, we’ll list the prospects for the future development of first-year players, and predict future wholesale nfl jerseys who have their own place.

4. Terence — West (Terrance West), Cleveland Browns, running back: In this — after Tate (Ben Tate) injury, led the team to the West red ball attack. He showed his outstanding ability to cut and he was happy lowered center of gravity, after the collision to get more yardage. In the game against the Saints, the three show ground rushed the ball 68 yards. Although not as good as his audience against the Pittsburgh Steelers 100 yards, 6.25 yards of data each time the ball, but the West and another rookie Isaiah — Chloe Weir (Isaiah Crowell) to Brown’s ground offensive rebirth .

Crow Medicine Cuula will participate in the team’s first time with equipment training

US time Sunday, the crow officially announced that the Matt Skura has passed the medical examination, which is expected to participate in the first time with equipment training.

US Time Saturday, Pittsburgh Steelman completed the four-year contract with this full manner. Knicks had been completed in two years before the steel man, he was originally scheduled to enter the free market in March.

Scura’s rehabilitation can be said to be unparalleled. He torn his knees in front of his knees in nine months ago, the back cruciate ligament and the inner sub-ligament. Since the session season, the crow has always said that Scura’s rehabilitation speed is expected to return during the training camp.

Last Saixicks replaces the patriots to participate in the professional bowl of James Develin, which is the first professional bowl of professional bowls he gain. Knicks participated in the Hong Kong people to all 17 games last season, and 5 touches were taken 6 yards and 2 reached.

Jeremy — Hill (Jeremy Hill), Cincinnati Bengals, running back: second only to the West in the rookie, running 93 yards, full of scenes in the game against the Atlanta Falcons, an average of 4.89 yards per possession, the and almost two weeks to get Giovanni — Bernard (Giovani Bernard) as many offensive opportunities.

Bradley — Robbie (Bradley Roby), Denver Broncos cornerback: Denver cornerback of the strong first week twice blocked Andrew — Mubarak pass to Wayne, he is good collision, tough physical fitness his talent is a good supplement for the Broncos.

In Monday, when the third quarter was 40-0, Allen met Pittman and led the team to complete the only score advancement. He was 15 times to complete 6 times, and the 74 yards were promoted and was also killed 3 times.

3. Jason — Wei Ruite (Jason Verrett), San Diego Chargers, cornerback: After the first week of continued performance in the game against the defending champion Seattle Seahawks, he worked at every defense, the performance may be ring point. Second-tier team defensive player of injuries gave him more playing opportunities.

Greg — Robinson (Greg Robinson), St. Louis Rams offensive linebacker: St. Louis Rams used to do well in training offensive star this holiday season Robinson was asked to learn two positions, which he probably asking too much , the last game as he left care front, only participated in nine offensive. Do not forget, he’s second place!

«He has a lot of time, how much time you want,» General Manager John Elway «said. «I think this will never be a quick decision. You won’t want this is a quick decision. This is a decision that will change his life … This is always a tough decision, so we will give him a lot of time.»

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