Since the increase in Isaiah Battle, there is no players in the addition of the players since the increasing draft of the San Lusius raft. In addition to now I have added the Seattle Sey Eagle, Trelle Pryor, 2011 and Josh Gordon, selected in 2011, is currently only added The active player selected in the draft.

On December 2, Brunte, on December 2, 2010, for the squats of the Fallic City, he had just experienced a car accident in six days ago, and Brent was stayed in prison for 180 days until his 10-year prison period was canceled.

Brown has won the NFL champion before the restructuring, and 3 times selection of professional bowls. Jeffry Lurie, Chairman and Chief Operation: «Timi-Brown is one of the greatest eagle players in history, and is one of the most all-in-one players in the same year. He overcomes many of life. It’s hard to make an achievement in sports and entertainment communities. As a 3-degree selection of professional bowl, with the eagle won the 1960-year-old player, Timix has a good performance in the position of running guards and attack hands. He is the viewing One of the strongest players. The people who are familiar with him will mention his cheerful, active personality, and the contact he established with teammates and communities. Sincerely mourning to the family of Timi. «

Dallas denim last year to defensive

Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive Diagonal Joh Brent (Josh Brent) returns to training this week. Brent In 2012, due to the drunk driving, Brent’s car accident, the car accident participates in the training, and the car accident caused his teammate Jerry Brown to die. According to ESPN, he recently successful and the team renewal for 1 year to 2015.

Currently, the external lineup of Weijing includes Adam Thielen, Stefon Digs, seven-round Show Orabi Johnson, Johnson (Olbisi Johnson) and Renquion-Treder Laquon Treadwell. At present, Teredvier is in poor efficiency, and Dagrterson may have a chance to take his task.

8. Titan playing the ball Ryan Succop (knee) participated in today’s training. The defenders, Josh Kalu, also participated in today’s training. The previously abandoned corner Karim Orr (Kareem Orr) was signed to the training lineup.

Odel — Beckham Baby Charity Competition

We all know the American football talent of New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr., relying on the single-handed ball of the Dallas cowboy, and we found that he found not only to be American football.

Manning will hold a fans forum, American football training camp in Beijing, Shanghai, and the United States. It is worth mentioning that this summer, NFL China launched the «2016 Jiao Le Yuli Decision», and the event, the activities, including Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, wholesale Nfl jerseys Chengdu and Chongqing, and Chongqing. And produced 6 champions players, they will gather in London in October and decided a national champion in the NFL International Series (ISG). Before going to the UK, they will first go to Jia Ze «a ball» training camp and activity image spokesperson Manning zero distance interaction, gain this NFL legendary experience to teach and personally guide.

Since the first round of the first round in 1998, he was selected by the Indianapolis Pony team. In 2016, he helped Denver Manga team won the super bowl, and Pedon Manning’s resume was occupied by various records, including the 41nd The 50th super bowl of championships, the most valuable players in the regular season, and the number of 71,940 yards of NFL career. The outstanding performance allowed him to match the title of «the greatest quartzworthy» in this era. Manning redefined the game with his talent and wisdom, unparalleled leadership and personality charm became his symbol.

Dagrterson signed a one-year contract with Vijing in September, after which the injury was added to the injury reserve. He will return to the 11.10 to the game of cowboy. He has worked with the 4-point Weak-Kirk Cousins ​​for two years.

Brown is the first single game completed twice a player who came back to David. Although he played for the eagle is 50 years ago, Brown is still the team’s brush propulsion (6.52), the number of kickbacks (169), the number of kick attack code (4483), the kickback Record holder of reached a number of (5).

US Time Monday, Bakerham participated in the New York giant’s abandoned player’s own university alumni Brad WING, and he participated in the local baseball charity competition. He completed a terrible blow in the site.

NFL legendary star Pedon opens visit to cheap jerseys from china

On September 19, 2016, the American Professional Football Grand Union (NFL) announced that the legendary star Pedon Manning is about to go to China and open his first visit to China. On September 25th to 28, Manning will participate in a series of exchanges and training camp activities in the two cities in Shanghai and Beijing, and interact with Chinese rugby players and enthusiasts, share his understanding and love of American football movements. NFL jointly promotes the popularity and development of this movement in China.

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