Former Saint Hawang Grubes and Chief Signing for 4 years

According to NFL official website reporters, the former New Orleans Saint-Grubbs has been agreed with the Kansas City chiefs in a four-year contract, a contract worth $ 24 million. The 31-year-old old will have 8 million guarantees.

Grubes has been selected for professional bowls from two degrees, and he is a contract with a $ 36 million in the 2012 season for 5 years and worth $ 36 million. Grubspi will take away $ 6.6 million in basic wages next season. Saints hope that he can accept the salary. After the negotiations are not fruitful, the saints traded him to the chief, and changed a 5-wheel option. Subsequently, the chiefs and Grubes signed a new contract.

Thomas entered a professional bowl in his career, and three times were selected for a while. He has been in the offset period, and there is reported that Dallas denim is intended to get him through the deal. In the draft, the Hawk denied the possibility of the transaction.

If Simlun enters the league this year, he felt that he could not stay. Under the influence of the epidemic, the team offset training was canceled, and the preseason was also canceled. The team lineup during the training camp also had a certain shrinkage. Simlun believes that the players who have been from their own will not get the opportunity to prove themselves.

Since the battle 14 years, Jones has served as the Hawks, Dolphins, Rams, Texas and Eagles. From 2005 to 2017, he continued to play 208 regular regulations. In this year, the eagle wins, wholesale Jerseys winning the patriot’s super bowl, Jones only abandoned once in the second question.

The Green Bay packaging worker in this game is injured in the guanwan packaging workers, the four points, Rogers broke out in the second half, and the 35th pass 24 successfully achieved 316 yards 3 times, running Di Di — Rexi wisted a lot of burden in the offense of the shock, and 19 shohed 101 yards. The outer junction has 2 external connections, the number of external connections is over 100, Dafan — Adams seven counsels to get 117 yards 1 time, Landao — Kubo 8 times a ball acquired 116 yards. Cowboy, the four points Du Ni-Romo 19 times passed 15 times successfully achieved 191 yards 2 times, running Guard Make — Murray still showing the gods, 25 shots, 123 yards, 1 time, Ball, the cowboy, the most is close to the near-end Edge, and the ball is 71 yards.

The next half competition is first attack by the package. The performance of the Run Weimi is still stable, but the calf injury affects the passage of Rogers. The offense of the package was blocked in this half, and he had to choose to abandon the kick. At the beginning, the first half of the first wave of attack was benefited from the 2nd attack of the packaging worker to advance from the 20-yard line of this side to the 41-yard line, but then the packaging line Wei Pepez was second time. Caused a cowboy, this cowboy is not so lucky, the packaging works back to the ball. The package worker from the cowboy 44 code line once again rely on the way of running Weidi, this second-grade running guard completed 1 time 29 yards after 1 yard, and put the packaging into the cowboy. Area. However, the cowboy stroke T.j. (T. J.lang) is not calm and destroyed for this attack, and the final packaging work has to rely on shooting 3 points. The score came to 14-13, the denim leaders. The cowboy next to the offensive, the squash attack relies on Murray and the Joseph Randle to promote the 44 yards, Romo has successfully promoted 35 yards, eventually completed by Murray 1 Code Ball Deta. Cowboys will only be rewritten for 3 minutes and 34 seconds, leading 21-13. Although the offense after the packaging worker suffered from the beginning of the ball, it had to start the 10-yard line of this party. However, Rogers took the team to achieve the team with their own performance. This wave of attack is completed by Rogers, and finally, Adams completed 46 yards to brought the score, packaging workers 20-21, continued to bite. The stressed denim started in the next wave of offensive, advanced to the vicinity of the half, but Romo will be killed in 2 consecutive times. The package worker who retained the ball was unstoppable in Rogers’s pass attack. This wave attacked Rogers all successfully achieved 78 yards, and finally completed 13 yards from Richard Rodgers. Deta, the packaging works. Since the packaging is 2 points for 2 points, Stemcellbio2018.Ru they are leading 26-21. It is necessary to get the declined denchari in the next wave of attack, until it is in the face of the four-speed 1 yard after entering the packaging work, the DEZ BRYANT is promoted. 31 yards to the packaged worker 1 code line. However, the packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy to challenge whether Bryant is successful, the referee will return to the recording, and the four-stage attack in the cowboy is not originally attacked. The package of the ball was rescued, and Rogers always got the first attack by the key third gear. After the cowboy paused and 2 minutes officially suspended, Rogers and Kobe This packaging work survival has been fixed to the successful three-speed conversion.

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