In Sunday defeated wild horses, Schlaison arm was injured and left. After the primary church Anthony, Anthony Lynn, Schlanni two-headed muscular season reimbursement. The team had to adjust the offensive front line.

According to ESPN, if Tami can’t stay in the falcon, he is likely to join the San Francisco 49. Falcon Bener’s Offense Coordinator Kyle Sanahan now has joined 49 people to serve as new coach, so Tammi has known 49 people’s offensive system.

«My understanding is that Linqi is put into the injury reserve list, the influence of the core muscle injury is greater than the injury of the groin. He appeared in Philadelphia this week, it may be necessary to accept another operation of Meiyes. If In this case, he will return within eight weeks. «Ian Latbot said on October 22.

Lynch is one of the most powerful players of the Silver Black Army of the season. His state is good, which has brought more angry for the team’s dead offensive. He held a ball in six games in six games, a code 4.2, and achieved 3 times.

The red ramp falls to the famous guy to seek advice.

Beijing July 10th, Arizona, Richt, Ricky Seals-Jones, is working hard to enter the last 53 national list. He is learning how to play the position that has not been exposed to, and there seems to have entered a big list in the depth lineup. The three people who have been staples are in front of him. However, he has an advantage that others have no.

Former male lion strike T. J. 计划 退

Beijing March 22, the sharp T. J. (T.j. Lang) was cut off by the lion that has been in the past two weeks, and this old will seem to be prepared for retiring.

Bill Run Weiki Caish will not be punished by alliances

At the end of Pennsylvania, the NFL didn’t have the same thing after the investigation of Buffalo Biro Yajun-McEaro, who was involved in February.

At the same time, Tami said that if he can, he wants to stay in the Falcon. «I like to give false, love my teammates, love everything that happened in this team,» Tami said. «I am interested to see what will happen in the future.»

Tami signed a $ 2.2 million contract with the Falcon in 2015. Reality, he may have to accept a smaller contract than this amount. But an understanding of his coach clearly knows that he can make contributions.

The proximal front Tammi hopes to stay in the Falcon 49 people become additional possibilities

Atlanta Falcon’s near-end Targes-Tam Tamme will become free players after a disappointing 2016 season. In the last season, he only completed 22 cents to get 210 yards 3 times, and he spent the next half of the injury reserves. But this doesn’t mean that he will not get the team’s glowing at the age of 32.

This decision should be unexpected in people, after all, the past is too hurting too much. In the 2018 season, the neck injury allowed him to enter the injury reserve list. Although the injury is not ending career, it has already recognized the meaning of sprouting and retreat after the Lord season. When I participated in the broadcast show last week, I would like to make a final decision in this week.

According to the alliance spokesperson, the alliance will not punish McKay. McKay and the other three were accused of being beaten between two parcels at the bar, but he never been officially charged. When the event occurs, the Wholesale nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Bill began to facilitate the face of at least a few games in McKoo.

Bill hopes that McCakone can recover in the new season. Last season, Maiku I was playing 12 games, and the rushing ball obtained 895 yards 3 times. He also completed 32 battles to get 292 yards 2 times. This year, he has some time in the treatment of his ankle injury to his long.

The current position of Hills Jones is close to the neighborhood, teammate Jemein and Troy Niklas have locked two locations, Ifini Moqua (Ifeanyi) Momah) Excellent special service group performance also makes him have an opportunity to enter the final list.

Schlaison joined the lightning last season, once served as a center, this year, changed his strike. He was started with all competitions this season, and after leaving the wild horse competition, he was puttred by three rounds of Dan Feeney.

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