On Thursday, Fitzgerald said he didn’t want to organize such a dedicated, gift and a retired trip, before Kobe Bryant, Delhi-Jet and David Ottis were done. Compared to the fact that Fitz prefer another star player’s retirement method, the great star has only issued a statement to inform the public to retire.

On Sunday, he may be his last game, but he still has the opportunity to get the top number of the game this season, because the current leader Antonio-Brown (106 times, Fitz 102 times) will be in 17 weeks. But Fitzgerad himself does not want everyone to give him an early day, only to low-key treatment.

When we last saw Charles healthily for Kansas City, he is one of the top two threats of the Alliance. If he can return, then the wild horse has a big cheap. If the injury continues to harass Charles, then he may need to find other teams to stay in the fall of this fall.

«This is a whole team, not me alone.» Fitzgerald said, «I am just a 1600 NFL player. Although I enjoy the time of playing, but I don’t Will try to make each of your decisions vigorously. This is not my character, not my way, I think I am more like Tim Duncan. «

For pirate defensive groups that are being achieved, Alston is a priority of the break. Goldton’s lector allows the stable pirate defensive end combination to remain unchanged. Golston can play multiple locations, which allows pirates to flexibly configure defensive front lines.

Shura said: «The time changed. No matter how much the sign is low, the choice is what they want, because the rookie years will not be played. But six or seven years ago, the new show in the league is more and more, It is getting bigger and earlier. «

The first is to keep healthy, and he has only played 8 games in the past two seasons. Second, it is to beat C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker, it seems that the wild horse will rotate to use running guards.

Charles is currently the average number of players in the history of wholesale nfl jerseys, and he advances 5.5 yards in the 9 seasons. In the 2015 season, he advanced 5.1 yards at 71 times before the cross ligament of the knee. In the three games last season, his state is not as good as before, only 12 shots have been put on average 3.3 yards each time. He needs to prove to the wild horse, it is still the running guards that have been in three consecutive seasons before injury.

«Why don’t I think I will become the first? Do you think I just join the team (mixed the day)? No, I have never been this in my life,» he said. «In my life, I have always feel that I will become the first running guard. This is why I join the wild horse. If I won’t be the first, why will I stay here? I should stay at home sitting on the sofa.»

However, if Man Ning, there is no way to unveiled the scene of the regular season. Jones can also pick up the team girders & mdash; & mdash; at least the offensive coordinator Mike Shura is so thinking .

Cowboy near Targes — Gasse is banned

Beijing June 15th, US Time, according to nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, denim close-to-Torker-Gasqu ( Rico Gathers will be banned from a violation of alliance drug abuse policies. Cowboy official subsequently confirmed this news.

Giant Offense Coordinator: If you need, Jones can start unveiling

Beijing May 9th, in the current year, the first quarter of the giant team is still a stable Eli Manning, and the replacement is Daniel Jones, the No. 6th Xi, the first year of this year. Daniel Jones.

The pirate defensive group performance is excellent in late season and renewed Gorton to keep them such momentum. However, in this year, there is a large number of outstanding passes, do not exclude pirates to pick a rhetorical shock hand.

In 2013, the fourth round of the selected Selection of Gorton was impressive every season every season, and his performance in the proceeds is particularly good. He won 49 hugs in 14 games in the last season, 3 kills, 9 hugs caused the number of lost codes, 6 barrier the ball and once forced the ball. He has missed the last 2 games in the elbow, but he does not need surgery.

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