McClin has played for Emirates and Cheap Nfl Jerseys crows in the past few seasons, and he signed a 5-year contract with the chief in 2015, but it was cut two years later. In the 2017 season, McClin played in the crow and was sick in March of the following year. Due to the injury of the leg glute, Macilllin did not participate in the team in the 2018 season.

As for specific reasons, Sampl directly illustrates a reason but is vague to another reason. The first reason is that he was born on June 23, 1992, but the second reason is related to his big community.

Kelly talked about Ford: The big list is controlled by me.

Philadelphia Eagle 4-point 卫 Nik-Work will be missed for the next 6 to 8 weeks, the head coach Qip Kelly will firmly use Mark Sanchez as a team. Quarter. Kelly praised Sanchez in front of the media, called him «people who can lead the team.» These remarks can not help but make people feel worried about the future of Falls. We want to know if he is still part of the future plan.

«One thing I know is that I love the game,» Wilfolk said in the beginning of January. «The most difficult decision is to leave you love. This is very difficult. This will be very difficult. Because this is not asked for injury or I can’t have enough ability to play.»

Sampur said he didn’t want to talk to the community, but it was obvious that this connection is very important to him, so Ramsse either accepts the number of empty defenders after passing the 38 jersey.

On the 23rd jersey, the second-year Safety James Sample, he said he would not give the 23rd jersey to Ramsea no matter what conditions in Ram. «I talked to him, but this year, I will wear 23 wholesale jerseys,» said San Puls.

McLeen is the first round show in the eagle in 2009, for the Tempers for six years, the tactical status is second only to Destan Jackson and Lesean McCoy, Accepting Michael Victor ( Michael Vick) and Nick Foles’ ball, data ranking the eagle outside the team’s history. He completed 343 bolts in Philadelphia, promoted 4771 yards, reached 36 times.

This year’s snap-in section, the outer lace video of Beckham is once again dissatisfied with the giants. This is one of more events that have been dissatisfied with the management of the management since Beckhand. But Beckham has never violated the law and is a popular task in the locker room. In health is one of the best offensive players in the Alliance, and 38 times in 47 games.

Knicks will compete with the Titan 2 after KenDall Wright after the team’s fifth year, Justin Hunter, who is more threatened. Justin Hunter repeatedly The problem of getting off, and another new aid Harry — Douglas (Harry Douglas) has only 6 bolts in the 6-year career.

35-year-old Vilfolk selected a professional bowl in the 13-year career, and he was selected for a while in 2012. He said earlier this month, he realized that retirement would be a difficult decision because he knew that he still had a waste.

Houston Texas defensive Pionever Wilfolk: Will consider retirement

After 16-34, Houston, 16-34, after the Patriots in Houston, Texas defensive, Vince Wilfork, believes that they may consider retirement.

Local time on Thursday, Kelly accepted an interview on this question: «I don’t know where these guessing is from the team. I understand that my heart is very clear. The big list will be controlled from the beginning to the end. Some people are writing news Tott & lsquo; first-hand information & rsquo; as a head, I clearly tell you, I have not discussed similar things with anyone. Therefore, all existing guess is nonsense. On the other hand, I have been very Support Nick, he is an extremely excellent quarter-off. I think he has been withdrawn too much accusation and excessive questioning, I hope more people can like this young man. «

At present, Ramsse’s jersey number is 38, which is the only defensive guard number left, he doesn’t like 38. He wanted 23, part of the reason lies in him to sign the endorsement contract of Nike’s Jordan brand. Ramse said in the new show this month, he would like to «pay all the price» to get a 23rd jersey from Sang Pur. It has a rumor that Ramse’s prices have exceeded $ 30,000, but Sang Pur is not moving.

«I think I have already taken my last NFL game,» Wilfolk said. «I will spend some time to think about whether I really want to retire. We are waiting to be seen. I don’t know how long it takes to take it.»

Knicks used to take over the league. For the giant 11 season, he won the horses in the 11 season, but his performance fell quickly after the leg injury, only 7 bispies were reached and the season clicks were all thousands. But he is now 27 years old, and it is not impossible to retrieve the peak status.

Sanchez and eagle only signed a 1 year of contract, if he performs excellent, does not rule out the possibility of renewing him. From Kelly speaking, we can also see that he has not decided to have any quarter-saving future. Sanchez may become a long-term hair of the team, and Falls also have the opportunity to recover after the return. But in any case, Kelly has clearly expressed its own point of view: I can decide the team’s four-point guard, only himself.

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